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Location codes 41-60 of 121 for {{{1}}}:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LOGP Pinkafeld [Pinkafeld Airport], 1, AT
SHDN Magallanes [Daniel 1 Heliport], Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, CL
FOOC Cocobeach [Cocobeach Airport], 1, GA
LOAT Eisenstadt [Trausdorf], 1, AT
SHEJ Antofagasta [Cuartel General 1ª División Ejército Heliport], Antofagasta, CL
NKA Nkan, 1, GA
GABF Bafoulabe, 1, ML
GAMN Manantali [Bengassi Airport], 1, ML
LODO Oberwart [Christophorus 16], 1, AT
MPZL Finca 32, 1, PA
81WA Redmond [Jobe Skis Plant 1 Heliport], Washington, US
NV91 Sandy Valley [Fly Sin City #1 Heliport], Nevada, US
SJKV Pacaraima [Cumanã 1], Roraima, BR
UURV Medvezhka-1, Komi, RU
AZ97 Kingman [X Bar 1 Ranch Airport (Lower)], Arizona, US
MY33 New Brighton [Rosacker's Number 1 SPB], Minnesota, US
XA06 Lubbock [MDR 1 Heliport], Texas, US
SJLW Uiramutã [Mudubim 1], Roraima, BR
1NJ4 New Brunswick [Rutgers Helistop Number 1], New Jersey, US
93TE Marathon [Mayhew Ranch Number 1 Airport], Texas, US

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