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Total: 38,797 mi
Average: 924 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ABQ (35°02'20"N 106°36'30"W) 231230.8°(SW) 231230.8°(SW) 981 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ALB (42°44'57"N 73°48'07"W) 092091.8°(E) 092091.8°(E) 980 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ANC (61°10'27"N 149°59'53"W) 317317.1°(NW) 317317.1°(NW) 2,519 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) AZO (42°14'04"N 85°33'06"W) 113112.7°(SE) 113112.7°(SE) 426 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) BIL (45°48'28"N 108°32'37"W) 280280.3°(W) 280280.4°(W) 748 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) BOI (43°33'52"N 116°13'22"W) 274273.6°(W) 274273.6°(W) 1,142 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) BUF (42°56'26"N 78°43'50"W) 095095.4°(E) 095095.4°(E) 735 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) BZN (45°46'38"N 111°09'01"W) 280280.4°(W) 280280.4°(W) 874 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) 132131.6°(SE) 132131.6°(SE) 930 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 124123.6°(SE) 124123.6°(SE) 574 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) FCA (48°18'38"N 114°15'22"W) 291290.8°(W) 291290.9°(W) 1,026 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) FWA (40°58'42"N 85°11'43"W) 121120.7°(SE) 121120.7°(SE) 488 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) GEG (47°37'09"N 117°32'07"W) 288287.9°(W) 288287.9°(W) 1,175 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) HLN (46°36'24"N 111°59'00"W) 284284.2°(W) 284284.2°(W) 913 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) HNL (21°19'04"N 157°55'13"W) 269268.5°(W) 269268.5°(W) 3,972 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ISN (48°10'41"N 103°38'32"W) 298298.3°(NW) 298298.4°(NW) 546 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) 144143.8°(SE) 144143.8°(SE) 1,174 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) LAN (42°46'43"N 84°35'10"W) 106105.6°(E) 106105.6°(E) 455 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) LEX (38°02'12"N 84°36'31"W) 134133.6°(SE) 134133.7°(SE) 650 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MBS (43°31'59"N 84°04'47"W) 098098.4°(E) 098098.4°(E) 463 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MDW (41°47'09"N 87°45'09"W) 126125.9°(SE) 126125.9°(SE) 349 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MEM (35°02'33"N 89°58'36"W) 165164.7°(S) 165164.7°(S) 700 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MLI (41°26'54"N 90°30'27"W) 149149.0°(SE) 149149.0°(SE) 274 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MQT (46°20'57"N 87°23'47"W) 068068.2°(E) 068068.2°(E) 300 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) 285285.4°(W) 285285.4°(W) 1,013 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 170170.0°(S) 170170.1°(S) 1,039 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 116115.9°(SE) 116115.9°(SE) 1,045 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) PIA (40°39'51"N 89°41'36"W) 147147.1°(SE) 147147.2°(SE) 342 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) PSC (46°15'53"N 119°07'08"W) 284283.6°(W) 284283.6°(W) 1,254 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) RIC (37°30'19"N 77°19'11"W) 116116.1°(SE) 116116.1°(SE) 970 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ROC (43°07'09"N 77°40'19"W) 093093.5°(E) 093093.5°(E) 783 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SAV (32°07'39"N 81°12'08"W) 140139.6°(SE) 140139.6°(SE) 1,092 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SBN (41°42'30"N 86°19'02"W) 120119.8°(SE) 120119.8°(SE) 411 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SDF (38°10'27"N 85°44'11"W) 137137.5°(SE) 137137.5°(SE) 604 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SJC (37°21'47"N 121°55'43"W) 261260.9°(W) 261260.9°(W) 1,575 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) 264263.7°(W) 264263.7°(W) 1,517 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SNA (33°40'32"N 117°52'06"W) 248248.0°(W) 248248.0°(W) 1,522 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 092092.1°(E) 092092.1°(E) 860 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) TUL (36°11'54"N 95°53'17"W) 194194.1°(S) 194194.1°(S) 615 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) TVC (44°44'30"N 85°34'55"W) 089088.8°(E) 089088.8°(E) 376 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) TYS (35°48'40"N 83°59'39"W) 139139.0°(SE) 139139.0°(SE) 792 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) XNA (36°16'54"N 94°18'28"W) 186185.9°(S) 186185.9°(S) 596 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
MSP FAA Minneapolis [Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain], MN, US
ABQ FAA Albuquerque [Intl Sunport], NM, US
ALB FAA Albany [Intl], NY, US
ANC FAA Anchorage [Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl], AK, US
AZO FAA Kalamazoo [Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl], MI, US
BIL FAA Billings [Billings Logan Intl], MT, US
BOI FAA Boise [Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field], ID, US
BUF FAA Buffalo [Buffalo Niagara Intl], NY, US
BZN FAA Bozeman [Bozeman Yellowstone Intl], MT, US
CLT FAA Charlotte [Charlotte/Douglas Intl], NC, US
DAY FAA Dayton [James M Cox Dayton Intl], OH, US
FCA FAA Kalispell [Glacier Park Intl], MT, US
FWA FAA Fort Wayne [Intl], IN, US
GEG FAA Spokane [Intl], WA, US
HLN FAA Helena [Helena Regional], MT, US
HNL FAA Honolulu [Daniel K Inouye Intl], Oahu, HI, US
ISN FAA Williston [Sloulin Field Intl], ND, US
JAX FAA Jacksonville [Intl], FL, US
LAN FAA Lansing [Capital Region Intl], MI, US
LEX FAA Lexington [Blue Grass Airport], KY, US
MBS FAA Saginaw [MBS Intl], MI, US
MDW FAA Chicago [Chicago Midway Intl], IL, US
MEM FAA Memphis [Intl], TN, US
MLI FAA Moline [Quad Cities Intl], IL, US
MQT FAA Marquette [Sawyer Intl], MI, US
MSO FAA Missoula [Missoula Montana Airport], MT, US
MSY FAA New Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US
ORF FAA Norfolk [Intl], VA, US
PIA FAA Peoria [General Downing - Peoria Intl], IL, US
PSC FAA Pasco [Tri-Cities Airport], WA, US
RIC FAA Richmond [Intl], VA, US
ROC FAA Rochester [Frederick Douglass/Greater Rochester Intl], NY, US
SAV FAA Savannah [Savannah/Hilton Head Intl], GA, US
SBN FAA South Bend [Intl], IN, US
SDF FAA Louisville [Louisville Muhammad Ali Intl (Standiford Field)], KY, US
SJC FAA San José [Norman Y. Mineta San José Intl], CA, US
SMF FAA Sacramento [Intl], CA, US
SNA FAA Santa Ana [John Wayne/Orange County Airport], CA, US
SYR FAA Syracuse [Syracuse Hancock Intl], NY, US
TUL FAA Tulsa [Intl], OK, US
TVC FAA Traverse City [Cherry Capital Airport], MI, US
TYS FAA Knoxville [McGhee Tyson Airport], TN, US
XNA FAA Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers [Northwest Arkansas NTL Airport], AR, US

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