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Total: 128,686 mi
Average: 4,596 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) 295294.5°(NW) 294294.3°(NW) 3,556 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) 320319.8°(NW) 320319.6°(NW) 4,372 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) 324323.7°(NW) 323323.4°(NW) 4,723 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 293293.1°(NW) 293292.8°(NW) 3,249 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 317316.5°(NW) 316316.2°(NW) 5,367 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 322322.1°(NW) 322321.9°(NW) 4,800 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 310310.2°(NW) 310309.9°(NW) 5,485 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 307307.0°(NW) 307306.7°(NW) 5,271 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) PHL (39°52'20"N 75°14'26"W) 288288.1°(W) 288287.9°(W) 3,545 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) ORD (41°58'36"N 87°54'26"W) 298297.8°(NW) 298297.5°(NW) 3,953 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) NAS (25°02'21"N 77°27'59"W) 277276.8°(W) 277276.6°(W) 4,342 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 279279.5°(W) 279279.2°(W) 4,425 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) MEX (19°26'11"N 99°04'20"W) 289288.9°(W) 289288.7°(W) 5,541 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 312311.7°(NW) 311311.4°(NW) 5,456 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 311310.7°(NW) 310310.5°(NW) 5,229 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) 288288.0°(W) 288287.7°(W) 3,451 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 293293.2°(NW) 293292.9°(NW) 4,834 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 289288.6°(W) 288288.4°(W) 3,677 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 288288.3°(W) 288288.0°(W) 3,465 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) 296296.4°(NW) 296296.2°(NW) 4,750 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 306306.3°(NW) 306306.1°(NW) 4,670 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) 288288.3°(W) 288288.1°(W) 3,634 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) BOS (42°21'47"N 71°00'23"W) 288288.1°(W) 288287.8°(W) 3,265 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) 289288.5°(W) 288288.3°(W) 4,210 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) 295295.0°(NW) 295294.7°(NW) 4,915 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) GIG (22°48'36"S 43°15'02"W) 219219.2°(SW) 219219.0°(SW) 5,734 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) GRU (23°26'08"S 46°28'23"W) 222221.6°(SW) 221221.4°(SW) 5,863 mi
LHR (51°28'39"N 0°27'41"W) EZE (34°49'20"S 58°32'09"W) 225225.2°(SW) 225224.9°(SW) 6,904 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
LHR AIP London [Heathrow Airport], Middlesex, ENG, GB
YYZ AIP Toronto [Lester B. Pearson Intl], ON, CA
YYC AIP Calgary [Intl], AB, CA
YVR AIP Vancouver [Intl], BC, CA
YUL AIP Montréal [Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (Dorval)], QC, CA
SFO FAA San Francisco [Intl], CA, US
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
SAN FAA San Diego [Intl], CA, US
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
PHL FAA Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O'Hare Intl], IL, US
NAS FAA Nassau [Lynden Pindling Intl], New Providence Island, NP, BS
MIA FAA Miami [Intl], FL, US
MEX DAFIF México City (Ciudad de México) [Benito Juárez Intl], DIF, MX
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [Harry Reid Intl (McCarran Intl)], NV, US
JFK FAA New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, US
IAH FAA Houston [George Bush Intercontinental Airport], TX, US
IAD FAA Washington [Washington Dulles Intl], DC, US
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
DFW FAA Dallas-Fort Worth [Intl], TX, US
DEN FAA Denver [Intl], CO, US
BWI FAA Baltimore [Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall Airport], MD, US
BOS FAA Boston [General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl], MA, US
ATL FAA Atlanta [Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl], GA, US
AUS FAA Austin [Austin-Bergstrom Intl], TX, US
GIG AIP Rio de Janeiro [Galeão - Antônio Carlos (Tom) Jobim Intl], RJ, BR
GRU AIP São Paulo [Guarulhos Intl (Governador André Franco Montoro)], SP, BR
EZE DAFIF Buenos Aires [Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza/Ministro Pistarini], C, AR

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