Great Circle Mapper

From To Initial
Total: 80,198 mi
Average: 617 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ABE (40°39'09"N 75°26'25"W) 037037.1°(NE) 045044.9°(NE) 481 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) AGS (33°22'12"N 81°57'52"W) 205204.9°(SW) 213212.7°(SW) 140 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ALB (42°44'57"N 73°48'07"W) 034034.3°(NE) 042042.1°(NE) 646 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) 242242.3°(SW) 250250.1°(W) 226 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) 255255.1°(W) 263263.0°(W) 1,032 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) AVL (35°26'10"N 82°32'31"W) 280280.1°(W) 288288.0°(W) 91 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) AVP (41°20'18"N 75°43'24"W) 032032.3°(NE) 040040.2°(NE) 509 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BDL (41°56'21"N 72°41'04"W) 041041.5°(NE) 049049.3°(NE) 644 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BGR (44°48'27"N 68°49'41"W) 040040.4°(NE) 048048.2°(NE) 921 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BHM (33°33'50"N 86°45'08"W) 253252.7°(W) 261260.6°(W) 351 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BNA (36°07'28"N 86°40'41"W) 283282.7°(W) 291290.5°(W) 328 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BOS (42°21'47"N 71°00'23"W) 044044.4°(NE) 052052.2°(NE) 728 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BTR (30°31'59"N 91°09'00"W) 244244.3°(SW) 252252.1°(W) 675 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BTV (44°28'19"N 73°09'12"W) 031030.5°(NE) 038038.4°(NE) 761 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BUF (42°56'26"N 78°43'50"W) 012011.9°(N) 020019.8°(N) 546 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) 040039.6°(NE) 047047.4°(NE) 361 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CAE (33°56'20"N 81°07'10"W) 186186.4°(S) 194194.2°(S) 88 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CAK (40°54'54"N 81°26'37"W) 356356.2°(N) 004004.1°(N) 394 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CHA (35°02'07"N 85°12'13"W) 268268.3°(W) 276276.1°(W) 241 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CHO (38°08'23"N 78°27'08"W) 034033.8°(NE) 042041.6°(NE) 245 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CHS (32°53'55"N 80°02'26"W) 162161.7°(S) 169169.5°(S) 168 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CID (41°53'05"N 91°42'39"W) 312311.6°(NW) 319319.4°(NW) 742 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) 354353.7°(N) 002001.5°(N) 430 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 343342.7°(N) 351350.5°(N) 347 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CMI (40°02'19"N 88°16'36"W) 312311.8°(NW) 320319.6°(NW) 521 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CRW (38°22'34"N 81°35'34"W) 351350.9°(N) 359358.7°(N) 221 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) 202201.8°(S) 210209.6°(SW) 1,041 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) 323323.3°(NW) 331331.1°(NW) 335 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DAB (29°10'48"N 81°03'29"W) 181180.9°(S) 189188.7°(S) 416 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 332331.9°(NW) 340339.8°(N) 370 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DCA (38°51'05"N 77°02'16"W) 040039.6°(NE) 047047.4°(NE) 331 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 291290.9°(W) 299298.8°(NW) 1,337 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) 265264.8°(W) 273272.6°(W) 936 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DSM (41°32'02"N 93°39'47"W) 306306.1°(NW) 314313.9°(NW) 815 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) 346345.7°(N) 354353.5°(N) 500 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ECP (30°21'30"N 85°47'44"W) 221221.5°(SW) 229229.3°(SW) 438 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ERI (42°04'59"N 80°10'26"W) 005004.8°(N) 013012.6°(N) 476 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) EVV (38°02'27"N 87°31'43"W) 300300.0°(NW) 308307.8°(NW) 414 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) EWN (35°04'22"N 77°02'35"W) 091091.4°(E) 099099.2°(E) 221 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 042042.4°(NE) 050050.2°(NE) 529 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) EYW (24°33'22"N 81°45'36"W) 184184.0°(S) 192191.8°(S) 736 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) FAY (34°59'28"N 78°52'49"W) 097096.9°(E) 105104.7°(E) 118 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 175175.5°(S) 183183.3°(S) 632 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) FLO (34°11'07"N 79°43'26"W) 135135.1°(SE) 143142.9°(SE) 99 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) FNT (42°57'56"N 83°44'41"W) 345345.2°(N) 353353.0°(N) 555 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) FWA (40°58'42"N 85°11'43"W) 331331.1°(NW) 339338.9°(N) 460 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) GNV (29°41'24"N 82°16'18"W) 192191.8°(S) 200199.7°(S) 388 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) GPT (30°24'26"N 89°04'12"W) 237237.2°(SW) 245245.1°(SW) 577 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) GRR (42°52'51"N 85°31'22"W) 336336.5°(NW) 344344.3°(N) 583 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) GSO (36°06'05"N 79°56'28"W) 043042.5°(NE) 050050.4°(NE) 83 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) GSP (34°53'44"N 82°13'08"W) 253253.4°(W) 261261.3°(W) 75 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) HHH (32°13'28"N 80°41'51"W) 176175.9°(S) 184183.7°(S) 207 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) HPN (41°04'01"N 73°42'27"W) 042042.1°(NE) 050050.0°(NE) 564 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) HSV (34°38'14"N 86°46'30"W) 265264.8°(W) 273272.7°(W) 333 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) HTS (38°22'07"N 82°33'37"W) 338338.1°(N) 346346.0°(N) 235 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 036035.8°(NE) 044043.6°(NE) 322 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 251250.8°(W) 259258.6°(W) 912 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ILM (34°16'16"N 77°54'10"W) 110109.7°(E) 118117.5°(SE) 185 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 318318.2°(NW) 326326.0°(NW) 427 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) JAN (32°18'40"N 90°04'33"W) 252251.7°(W) 260259.6°(W) 562 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) 188187.7°(S) 196195.6°(S) 328 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) 044044.1°(NE) 052052.0°(NE) 541 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 282281.9°(W) 290289.7°(W) 1,916 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 279278.6°(W) 286286.5°(W) 2,125 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LEX (38°02'12"N 84°36'31"W) 315314.8°(NW) 323322.7°(NW) 281 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) 043043.1°(NE) 051050.9°(NE) 544 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LIT (34°43'46"N 92°13'29"W) 270270.3°(W) 278278.1°(W) 640 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) LYH (37°19'31"N 79°12'04"W) 033033.3°(NE) 041041.2°(NE) 175 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MCI (39°17'51"N 94°42'50"W) 294294.5°(NW) 302302.3°(NW) 808 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 183182.7°(S) 191190.5°(S) 468 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MDT (40°11'35"N 76°45'45"W) 032032.5°(NE) 040040.3°(NE) 413 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MEM (35°02'33"N 89°58'36"W) 271271.3°(W) 279279.1°(W) 511 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MEX (19°26'11"N 99°04'20"W) 230230.3°(SW) 238238.1°(SW) 1,551 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MGM (32°18'02"N 86°23'38"W) 239238.9°(SW) 247246.7°(SW) 372 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MHT (42°55'58"N 71°26'09"W) 041040.9°(NE) 049048.8°(NE) 737 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 176176.4°(S) 184184.2°(S) 650 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MKE (42°56'49"N 87°53'49"W) 327327.1°(NW) 335335.0°(NW) 651 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MLB (28°06'10"N 80°38'43"W) 178177.8°(S) 186185.7°(S) 490 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MOB (30°41'29"N 88°14'34"W) 236235.7°(SW) 244243.5°(SW) 526 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MSN (43°08'24"N 89°20'15"W) 323323.1°(NW) 331330.9°(NW) 708 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) 320319.5°(NW) 327327.4°(NW) 930 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 239239.1°(SW) 247246.9°(SW) 651 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) MYR (33°40'47"N 78°55'42"W) 132131.9°(SE) 140139.8°(SE) 157 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) OAJ (34°49'45"N 77°36'44"W) 097097.0°(E) 105104.8°(E) 191 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) OKC (35°23'35"N 97°36'03"W) 276275.6°(W) 283283.4°(W) 940 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) OMA (41°18'11"N 95°53'39"W) 302301.8°(NW) 310309.7°(NW) 913 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 323323.2°(NW) 331331.0°(NW) 599 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 065065.1°(NE) 073072.9°(E) 290 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PBI (26°40'59"N 80°05'44"W) 175174.8°(S) 183182.7°(S) 590 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PDX (45°35'19"N 122°35'49"W) 301301.2°(NW) 309309.0°(NW) 2,282 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PGV (35°38'08"N 77°23'03"W) 081080.7°(E) 089088.6°(E) 203 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PHF (37°07'55"N 76°29'35"W) 061060.7°(NE) 069068.6°(E) 282 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PHL (39°52'20"N 75°14'26"W) 043042.6°(NE) 050050.4°(NE) 449 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 275275.1°(W) 283282.9°(W) 1,773 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PIA (40°39'51"N 89°41'36"W) 311310.8°(NW) 319318.7°(NW) 607 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PIT (40°29'29"N 80°13'58"W) 006005.9°(N) 014013.8°(N) 366 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PNS (30°28'24"N 87°11'12"W) 230229.7°(SW) 238237.6°(SW) 488 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PVD (41°43'20"N 71°25'40"W) 046046.1°(NE) 054053.9°(NE) 683 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) PWM (43°38'44"N 70°18'31"W) 041041.1°(NE) 049048.9°(NE) 813 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) RAP (44°02'43"N 103°03'26"W) 304304.1°(NW) 312312.0°(NW) 1,322 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) 069068.8°(E) 077076.6°(E) 130 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) RIC (37°30'19"N 77°19'11"W) 051051.0°(NE) 059058.8°(NE) 257 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ROA (37°19'32"N 79°58'31"W) 020020.2°(N) 028028.0°(NE) 155 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ROC (43°07'09"N 77°40'19"W) 017016.9°(N) 025024.7°(NE) 573 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 185184.8°(S) 193192.6°(S) 600 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 276275.8°(W) 284283.7°(W) 2,077 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SAT (29°32'02"N 98°28'09"W) 254254.0°(W) 262261.8°(W) 1,095 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SAV (32°07'39"N 81°12'08"W) 184184.0°(S) 192191.8°(S) 213 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SBN (41°42'30"N 86°19'02"W) 329328.6°(NW) 336336.5°(NW) 534 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SBY (38°20'25"N 75°30'34"W) 053052.8°(NE) 061060.7°(NE) 371 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SDF (38°10'27"N 85°44'11"W) 309308.9°(NW) 317316.8°(NW) 335 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 305304.6°(NW) 312312.4°(NW) 2,279 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 287286.6°(W) 294294.4°(NW) 2,296 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SGF (37°14'44"N 93°23'19"W) 285285.0°(W) 293292.9°(NW) 708 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SHV (32°26'47"N 93°49'34"W) 259259.2°(W) 267267.0°(W) 764 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) 292292.2°(W) 300300.0°(NW) 1,727 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) 288288.4°(W) 296296.2°(NW) 2,244 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SRQ (27°23'44"N 82°33'16"W) 190190.4°(S) 198198.3°(S) 547 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) STL (38°44'55"N 90°22'12"W) 298297.9°(NW) 306305.7°(NW) 575 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 024024.0°(NE) 032031.8°(NE) 603 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TLH (30°23'48"N 84°21'03"W) 212211.7°(SW) 220219.6°(SW) 386 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TOL (41°35'13"N 83°48'28"W) 341341.4°(N) 349349.3°(N) 466 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 191191.0°(S) 199198.9°(S) 507 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TRI (36°28'31"N 82°24'27"W) 317317.2°(NW) 325325.0°(NW) 119 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TUL (36°11'54"N 95°53'17"W) 279279.0°(W) 287286.8°(W) 842 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) TYS (35°48'40"N 83°59'39"W) 284284.4°(W) 292292.2°(W) 177 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) VPS (30°29'00"N 86°31'34"W) 226226.4°(SW) 234234.2°(SW) 460 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) XNA (36°16'54"N 94°18'28"W) 279279.5°(W) 287287.3°(W) 754 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 026026.0°(NE) 034033.8°(NE) 803 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) 006006.5°(N) 014014.3°(N) 588 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
CLT FAA Charlotte [Charlotte/Douglas Intl], NC, US
ABE FAA Allentown [Lehigh Valley Intl], PA, US
AGS FAA Augusta [Augusta Regional at Bush Field], GA, US
ALB FAA Albany [Intl], NY, US
ATL FAA Atlanta [Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl], GA, US
AUS FAA Austin [Austin-Bergstrom Intl], TX, US
AVL FAA Asheville [Asheville Regional], NC, US
AVP FAA Wilkes-Barre/Scranton [Intl], PA, US
BDL FAA Hartford/Springfield (Windsor Locks) [Bradley Intl], CT, US
BGR FAA Bangor [Intl], ME, US
BHM FAA Birmingham [Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Intl], AL, US
BNA FAA Nashville [Intl], TN, US
BOS FAA Boston [General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl], MA, US
BTR FAA Baton Rouge [Baton Rouge Metro, Ryan Field], LA, US
BTV FAA Burlington [Intl], VT, US
BUF FAA Buffalo [Buffalo Niagara Intl], NY, US
BWI FAA Baltimore [Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall Airport], MD, US
CAE FAA Columbia [Columbia Metro Airport], SC, US
CAK FAA Akron [Akron-Canton Regional], OH, US
CHA FAA Chattanooga [Lovell Field], TN, US
CHO FAA Charlottesville [Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport], VA, US
CHS FAA Charleston [Charleston AFB/International], SC, US
CID FAA Cedar Rapids [The Eastern Iowa Airport], IA, US
CLE FAA Cleveland [Cleveland-Hopkins Intl], OH, US
CMH FAA Columbus [John Glenn Columbus Intl], OH, US
CMI FAA Champaign/Urbana [University of Illinois/Willard Airport], IL, US
CRW FAA Charleston [West Virginia Intl Yeager], WV, US
CUN DAFIF Cancún [Cancún Intl], ROO, MX
CVG FAA Covington [Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl], KY, US
DAB FAA Daytona Beach [Intl], FL, US
DAY FAA Dayton [James M Cox Dayton Intl], OH, US
DCA FAA Washington [Ronald Reagan Washington NTL Airport], DC, US
DEN FAA Denver [Intl], CO, US
DFW FAA Dallas-Fort Worth [Intl], TX, US
DSM FAA Des Moines [Intl], IA, US
DTW FAA Detroit (Romulus) [Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport], MI, US
ECP FAA Panama City (Panama City Beach) [Northwest Florida Beaches Intl], FL, US
ERI FAA Erie [Intl/Tom Ridge Field], PA, US
EVV FAA Evansville [Evansville Regional], IN, US
EWN FAA New Bern [Coastal Carolina Regional], NC, US
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
EYW FAA Key West [Intl], FL, US
FAY FAA Fayetteville [Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field], NC, US
FLL FAA Fort Lauderdale [Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl], FL, US
FLO FAA Florence [Florence Regional], SC, US
FNT FAA Flint [Bishop Intl], MI, US
FWA FAA Fort Wayne [Intl], IN, US
GNV FAA Gainesville [Gainesville Regional], FL, US
GPT FAA Gulfport [Gulfport-Biloxi Intl], MS, US
GRR FAA Grand Rapids [Gerald R Ford Intl], MI, US
GSO FAA Greensboro [Piedmont Triad Intl], NC, US
GSP FAA Greer [Greenville Spartanburg Intl], SC, US
HHH FAA Hilton Head Island [Hilton Head Airport], SC, US
HPN FAA White Plains [Westchester County Airport], NY, US
HSV FAA Huntsville [Intl-Carl T Jones Field], AL, US
HTS FAA Huntington [Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field], WV, US
IAD FAA Washington [Washington Dulles Intl], DC, US
IAH FAA Houston [George Bush Intercontinental Airport], TX, US
ILM FAA Wilmington [Intl], NC, US
IND FAA Indianapolis [Intl], IN, US
JAN FAA Jackson [Jackson-Evers Intl], MS, US
JAX FAA Jacksonville [Intl], FL, US
JFK FAA New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [Harry Reid Intl (McCarran Intl)], NV, US
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
LEX FAA Lexington [Blue Grass Airport], KY, US
LGA FAA New York [LaGuardia Airport], NY, US
LIT FAA Little Rock [Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field], AR, US
LYH FAA Lynchburg [Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field], VA, US
MCI FAA Kansas City [Intl], MO, US
MCO FAA Orlando [Intl], FL, US
MDT FAA Harrisburg [Intl], PA, US
MEM FAA Memphis [Intl], TN, US
MEX DAFIF México City (Ciudad de México) [Benito Juárez Intl], DIF, MX
MGM FAA Montgomery [Montgomery Regional (Dannelly Field)], AL, US
MHT FAA Manchester [Manchester Boston Regional], NH, US
MIA FAA Miami [Intl], FL, US
MKE FAA Milwaukee [General Mitchell Intl], WI, US
MLB FAA Melbourne [Melbourne Orlando Intl], FL, US
MOB FAA Mobile [Mobile Regional], AL, US
MSN FAA Madison [Dane County Regional/Truax Field], WI, US
MSP FAA Minneapolis [Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain], MN, US
MSY FAA New Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US
MYR FAA Myrtle Beach [Intl], SC, US
OAJ FAA Jacksonville [Albert J Ellis Airport], NC, US
OKC FAA Oklahoma City [Will Rogers World Airport], OK, US
OMA FAA Omaha [Eppley Airfield], NE, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O'Hare Intl], IL, US
ORF FAA Norfolk [Intl], VA, US
PBI FAA West Palm Beach [Palm Beach Intl], FL, US
PDX FAA Portland [Intl], OR, US
PGV FAA Greenville [Pitt-Greenville Airport], NC, US
PHF FAA Newport News [Newport News/Williamsburg Intl], VA, US
PHL FAA Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
PIA FAA Peoria [General Downing - Peoria Intl], IL, US
PIT FAA Pittsburgh [Intl], PA, US
PNS FAA Pensacola [Intl], FL, US
PVD FAA Providence [Rhode Island Tf Green Intl], RI, US
PWM FAA Portland [Intl Jetport], ME, US
RAP FAA Rapid City [Rapid City Regional], SD, US
RDU FAA Raleigh/Durham [Raleigh-Durham Intl], NC, US
RIC FAA Richmond [Intl], VA, US
ROA FAA Roanoke [Roanoke/Blacksburg Regional (Woodrum Field)], VA, US
ROC FAA Rochester [Frederick Douglass/Greater Rochester Intl], NY, US
RSW FAA Fort Myers [Southwest Florida Intl], FL, US
SAN FAA San Diego [Intl], CA, US
SAT FAA San Antonio [Intl], TX, US
SAV FAA Savannah [Savannah/Hilton Head Intl], GA, US
SBN FAA South Bend [Intl], IN, US
SBY FAA Salisbury [Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional], MD, US
SDF FAA Louisville [Louisville Muhammad Ali Intl (Standiford Field)], KY, US
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
SFO FAA San Francisco [Intl], CA, US
SGF FAA Springfield [Springfield-Branson NTL Airport], MO, US
SHV FAA Shreveport [Shreveport Regional], LA, US
SLC FAA Salt Lake City [Intl], UT, US
SMF FAA Sacramento [Intl], CA, US
SRQ FAA Sarasota/Bradenton [Intl], FL, US
STL FAA St. Louis [St. Louis Lambert Intl], MO, US
SYR FAA Syracuse [Syracuse Hancock Intl], NY, US
TLH FAA Tallahassee [Intl], FL, US
TOL FAA Toledo [Eugene F Kranz Toledo Express Airport], OH, US
TPA FAA Tampa [Intl], FL, US
TRI FAA Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport [Tri-Cities Airport], TN, US
TUL FAA Tulsa [Intl], OK, US
TYS FAA Knoxville [McGhee Tyson Airport], TN, US
VPS FAA Valparaiso/Destin/Ft. Walton Beach [Eglin AFB/Destin-Ft. Walton Beach Airport], FL, US
XNA FAA Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers [Northwest Arkansas NTL Airport], AR, US
YUL AIP Montréal [Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (Dorval)], QC, CA
YYZ AIP Toronto [Lester B. Pearson Intl], ON, CA

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