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Total: 7,567 mi
Average: 185 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) POS (10°35'43"N 61°20'14"W) 216216.4°(SW) 232232.2°(SW) 211 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) GEO (6°29'55"N 58°15'15"W) 169169.3°(S) 185185.1°(S) 460 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) GND (12°00'15"N 61°47'17"W) 245244.9°(SW) 261260.7°(W) 172 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) SVD (13°09'36"N 61°08'55"W) 273273.2°(W) 289289.0°(W) 112 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) SLU (14°01'12"N 60°59'35"W) 303303.0°(NW) 319318.7°(NW) 120 mi
BGI (13°04'29"N 59°29'33"W) PTP (16°15'51"N 61°31'33"W) 328328.4°(NW) 344344.2°(N) 258 mi
4 segment path:
POS (10°35'43"N 61°20'14"W) GND (12°00'15"N 61°47'17"W) 343342.5°(N) 358357.8°(N) 102 mi
GND (12°00'15"N 61°47'17"W) SVD (13°09'36"N 61°08'55"W) 028028.4°(NE) 044043.5°(NE) 90 mi
SVD (13°09'36"N 61°08'55"W) SLU (14°01'12"N 60°59'35"W) 010010.0°(N) 025025.3°(NE) 60 mi
SLU (14°01'12"N 60°59'35"W) PTP (16°15'51"N 61°31'33"W) 347347.1°(N) 002002.4°(N) 158 mi
410 mi
POS (10°35'43"N 61°20'14"W) SVD (13°09'36"N 61°08'55"W) 004004.1°(N) 019019.4°(N) 177 mi
POS (10°35'43"N 61°20'14"W) SLU (14°01'12"N 60°59'35"W) 006005.6°(N) 021020.9°(N) 237 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) SKB (17°18'41"N 62°43'07"W) 281281.2°(W) 296296.2°(NW) 62 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) 306305.8°(NW) 321320.7°(NW) 107 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 289288.5°(W) 303303.5°(NW) 291 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) SLU (14°01'12"N 60°59'35"W) 166165.9°(S) 181180.8°(S) 221 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) DOM (15°32'49"N 61°18'06"W) 163163.3°(S) 178178.2°(S) 114 mi
ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) FDF (14°35'32"N 60°59'47"W) 163163.0°(S) 178178.0°(S) 183 mi
DOM (15°32'49"N 61°18'06"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 303303.3°(NW) 318318.4°(NW) 369 mi
DOM (15°32'49"N 61°18'06"W) SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) 325325.3°(NW) 340340.5°(N) 209 mi
DOM (15°32'49"N 61°18'06"W) FDF (14°35'32"N 60°59'47"W) 163162.7°(S) 178177.8°(S) 69 mi
3 segment path:
SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) EIS (18°26'44"N 64°32'30"W) 090089.5°(E) 103103.0°(E) 96 mi
EIS (18°26'44"N 64°32'30"W) SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) 106106.2°(E) 120120.2°(SE) 98 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SKB (17°18'41"N 62°43'07"W) 153152.8°(SE) 167167.3°(S) 56 mi
250 mi
SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) 098097.7°(E) 111111.2°(E) 192 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) ANU (17°08'12"N 61°47'34"W) 125125.4°(SE) 140139.9°(SE) 107 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) BON (12°07'52"N 68°16'07"W) 221221.0°(SW) 236235.5°(SW) 533 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) EUX (17°29'47"N 62°58'46"W) 167167.1°(S) 182181.6°(S) 38 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SAB (17°38'42"N 63°13'12"W) 195195.1°(S) 210209.5°(SW) 28 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) CUR (12°11'20"N 68°57'35"W) 225225.0°(SW) 239239.5°(SW) 561 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) DOM (15°32'49"N 61°18'06"W) 145144.8°(SE) 159159.3°(S) 209 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) DCF (15°20'12"N 61°23'32"W) 148148.3°(SE) 163162.8°(S) 218 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SDQ (18°25'47"N 69°40'08"W) 275274.6°(W) 289289.1°(W) 432 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) PTP (16°15'51"N 61°31'33"W) 139139.2°(SE) 154153.7°(SE) 161 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) PAP (18°34'48"N 72°17'33"W) 275275.0°(W) 289289.4°(W) 604 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) NEV (17°12'20"N 62°35'38"W) 149149.3°(SE) 164163.8°(S) 67 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 279278.7°(W) 293293.1°(NW) 192 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SBH (17°54'16"N 62°50'37"W) 118118.2°(SE) 133132.7°(SE) 20 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) SKB (17°18'41"N 62°43'07"W) 153152.8°(SE) 167167.3°(S) 56 mi
SXM (18°02'27"N 63°06'32"W) EIS (18°26'44"N 64°32'30"W) 287286.7°(W) 301301.2°(NW) 98 mi
EUX (17°29'47"N 62°58'46"W) SAB (17°38'42"N 63°13'12"W) 303302.8°(NW) 317317.3°(NW) 19 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
BGI DAFIF Bridgetown [Grantley Adams Intl], BB
POS AIP Port of Spain [Piarco Intl], Trinidad Island, TT
GEO DAFIF Georgetown [Cheddi Jagan Intl (Timehri Intl)], DE, GY
GND AIP St. George's [Maurice Bishop Intl (Point Salines Intl)], Grenada, GD
SVD AIP Kingstown (Argyle) [Argyle Intl], St. Vincent, VC
SLU AIP Castries [George F.L. Charles], St. Lucia Island, LC
PTP AIP Pointe-à-Pitre [Le Raizet], GP
ANU AIP Antigua (Saint John's) [V.C. Bird Intl (Coolidge Intl, Coolidge AFB)], Antigua Island, AG
SKB AIP Basseterre [Robert L. Bradshaw Intl], St. Kitts Island, KN
SXM DAFIF St. Maarten (Philipsburg) [Princess Juliana Intl], SX
SJU FAA San Juan [Luis Muñoz Marín Intl (Isla Verde Intl)], PR, US
DOM AIP Marigot [Douglas-Charles Airport (Melville Hall Airport)], DM
FDF AIP Fort de France (Le Lamentin) [Martinique Aimé Césaire Intl], MQ
EIS FAA Tortola (Road Town, Trellis Bay) [Terrance B. Lettsome Intl], Beef Island, Tortola, VG
BON DAFIF Kralendijk [Flamingo Intl], BO, BQ
EUX DAFIF Oranjestad (Statia) [F.D. Roosevelt Airport], SE, BQ
SAB GCMAP The Bottom [Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport], SA, BQ
CUR DAFIF Curaçao (Willemstad) [Hato Intl], CW
DCF DAFIF Roseau [Canefield], DM
SDQ DAFIF Santo Domingo (Punta Caucedo) [Las Américas Intl (Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez Intl)], 32, DO
PAP DAFIF Port-au-Prince [Toussaint Louverture Intl], HT
NEV AIP Newcastle [Vance Winkworth Amory Intl], Nevis Island, KN
SBH AIP Gustavia (St-Jean, St. Barts, St. Barth) [Gustaf III Airport], St-Barthélemy, GP

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