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Total: 49,631 mi
Average: 764 mi
HGH (3014'N 12026'E) KWE (2632'N 10648'E) 256256.3(W) 262261.9(W) 868 mi
HGH (3014'N 12026'E) KWL (2513'N 11002'E) 244244.1(SW) 250249.7(W) 724 mi
HGH (3014'N 12026'E) SYX (1818'N 10925'E) 223222.7(SW) 228228.3(SW) 1,074 mi
HGH (3014'N 12026'E) TAO (3616'N 12022'E) 360359.5(N) 005005.1(N) 416 mi
HGH (3014'N 12026'E) XMN (2433'N 11808'E) 200200.5(S) 206206.1(SW) 416 mi
BHY (2132'22"N 10917'38"E) SZX (2238'N 11349'E) 075074.5(E) 077076.6(E) 299 mi
2 segment path:
KWE (2632'N 10648'E) CSX (2811'N 11313'E) 072072.4(E) 075074.7(E) 411 mi
CSX (2811'N 11313'E) WNZ (2754'44"N 12051'07"E) 091090.5(E) 094094.3(E) 467 mi
877 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) BAV (4033'36"N 10959'49"E) 318317.8(NW) 324323.8(NW) 926 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) BHY (2132'22"N 10917'38"E) 232232.5(SW) 239238.5(SW) 1,018 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) BKK (1340'52"N 10044'50"E) 233232.8(SW) 239238.8(SW) 1,798 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) CGQ (4359'46"N 12541'07"E) 012012.4(N) 018018.4(N) 911 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) CJU (3330'41"N 12629'35"E) 058058.1(NE) 064064.1(NE) 320 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) CKG (2943'N 10638'E) 268267.7(W) 274273.8(W) 909 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) CNX (1846'01"N 9857'46"E) 245244.5(SW) 251250.6(W) 1,661 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) DLC (3858'N 12132'E) 359358.5(N) 005004.6(N) 539 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) DOY (3730'30"N 11847'20"E) 339339.4(N) 345345.5(N) 471 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) HAK (1956'N 11028'E) 225225.1(SW) 231231.2(SW) 1,046 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) HKG (2218'32"N 11354'53"E) 221220.5(SW) 227226.6(SW) 779 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) HKT (806'48"N 9819'01"E) 229228.7(SW) 235234.7(SW) 2,192 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) HRB (4538'N 12615'E) 012012.3(N) 018018.3(N) 1,027 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) KHH (2234'38"N 12021'00"E) 189188.9(S) 195195.0(S) 597 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) KWL (2513'N 11002'E) 243243.2(SW) 249249.3(W) 825 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) MFM (2208'58"N 11335'30"E) 221221.3(SW) 227227.3(SW) 800 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) OKA (2611'45"N 12738'45"E) 132132.4(SE) 138138.4(SE) 492 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) SHE (4139'N 12329'E) 007006.9(N) 013013.0(N) 730 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) SJW (3817'N 11442'E) 323322.6(NW) 329328.6(NW) 636 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) SYX (1818'N 10925'E) 224224.1(SW) 230230.2(SW) 1,176 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) SZX (2238'N 11349'E) 222222.0(SW) 228228.0(SW) 765 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) TAO (3616'N 12022'E) 347347.3(N) 353353.4(N) 362 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) TGO (4333'24"N 12211'59"E) 001001.4(N) 007007.4(N) 856 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) TPE (2504'40"N 12113'58"E) 185184.8(S) 191190.9(S) 419 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) TSN (3907'N 11721'E) 337336.6(NW) 343342.7(N) 605 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) WUH (3047'N 11412'E) 269268.8(W) 275274.9(W) 451 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) XFN (3209'02"N 11217'27"E) 280279.5(W) 286285.6(W) 564 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) XIY (3427'N 10845'E) 290290.1(W) 296296.2(NW) 792 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) XMN (2433'N 11808'E) 207207.2(SW) 213213.2(SW) 507 mi
PVG (3109'N 12148'E) YNY (3803'41"N 12840'09"E) 038037.5(NE) 044043.6(NE) 617 mi
TGO (4333'24"N 12211'59"E) HLD (4912'N 11950'E) 345344.6(N) 354354.0(N) 406 mi
XIY (3427'N 10845'E) XNN (3631'39"N 10202'34"E) 293292.7(NW) 296296.3(NW) 404 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) BFJ (2718'01"N 10518'05"E) 259258.6(W) 265264.5(W) 1,004 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) CAN (2324'N 11318'E) 224224.5(SW) 230230.5(SW) 729 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) CIH (3614'51"N 11307'33"E) 309308.6(NW) 315314.6(NW) 587 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) CKG (2943'N 10638'E) 267267.2(W) 273273.2(W) 882 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) CSX (2811'N 11313'E) 249249.1(W) 255255.1(W) 530 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) CTU (3035'N 10357'E) 272272.2(W) 278278.1(W) 1,033 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) FOC (2556'N 11940'E) 196196.1(S) 202202.0(S) 376 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) INC (3819'22"N 10623'36"E) 304304.2(NW) 310310.1(NW) 980 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) JUH (3044'25"N 11741'12"E) 263262.7(W) 269268.7(W) 219 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) KMG (2506'N 10257'E) 254254.1(W) 260260.0(W) 1,196 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) KWE (2632'N 10648'E) 254253.6(W) 260259.6(W) 937 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) LCX (2540'33"N 11644'47"E) 217217.4(SW) 223223.4(SW) 472 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) NNG (2237'N 10810'E) 237237.1(SW) 243243.1(SW) 1,003 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) PEK (4004'N 11636'E) 338337.8(N) 344343.8(N) 667 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) SYX (1818'N 10925'E) 223222.9(SW) 229228.8(SW) 1,160 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) SZX (2238'N 11349'E) 220220.0(SW) 226226.0(SW) 750 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) TYN (3745'N 11238'E) 315314.7(NW) 321320.7(NW) 671 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) URC (4354'N 8728'E) 305305.1(NW) 311311.1(NW) 2,037 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) WNZ (2754'44"N 12051'07"E) 187187.4(S) 193193.4(S) 228 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) XIY (3427'N 10845'E) 290290.4(W) 296296.3(NW) 765 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) XMN (2433'N 11808'E) 204204.0(SW) 210210.0(SW) 498 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) ZUH (2200'24"N 11322'35"E) 220219.8(SW) 226225.8(SW) 801 mi
BFJ (2718'01"N 10518'05"E) KMG (2506'N 10257'E) 225224.6(SW) 227226.6(SW) 211 mi
CSX (2811'N 11313'E) LJG (2640'45"N 10014'45"E) 266265.6(W) 269269.4(W) 803 mi
JUH (3044'25"N 11741'12"E) CTU (3035'N 10357'E) 273272.7(W) 278278.0(W) 818 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
HGH AIP Hangzhou [Xiaoshan Intl (Jianqiao Airport)], 33, CN
KWE AIP Guiyang [Guiyang Longdongbao Intl], 52, CN
KWL AIP Guilin [Liangjiang Intl], 45, CN
SYX AIP Sanya [Fenghuang Intl (Phoenix Intl)], 46, CN
TAO AIP Qingdao [Liuting Intl], 37, CN
XMN AIP Xiamen [Gaoqi Intl], 35, CN
BHY GCMAP Beihai, 45, CN
SZX AIP Shenzhen (Zhenzhen) [Shenzhen Bao'an Intl (Shenzhen Huangtian Airport)], 44, CN
CSX AIP Changsha [Huanghua Intl], 43, CN
WNZ GCMAP Wenzhou [Intl], 33, CN
PVG AIP Shanghai [Pudong Intl], 31, CN
BAV GCMAP Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], 15, CN
BKK DAFIF Bangkok [Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Intl], 11, TH
CGQ DAFIF Changchun [Longjia Intl], 22, CN
CJU DAFIF Jeju (Cheju) [Intl], KR
CKG AIP Chongqing [Jiangbei Airport], 50, CN
CNX DAFIF Chiang Mai [Intl], 50, TH
DLC AIP Dalian [Zhoushuizi Intl], 21, CN
DOY GCMAP Dongying, 37, CN
HAK AIP Haikou [Meilan Intl], 46, CN
HKG AIP Hong Kong [Intl - Chek Lap Kok], HK
HKT DAFIF Phuket [Intl], 83, TH
HRB AIP Harbin [Harbin Taiping Intl], 23, CN
KHH DAFIF Kaohsiung [Intl], TW
MFM DAFIF Macau [Intl], Taipa Island, MO
OKA DAFIF Okinawa [Naha Airport / Naha AB], Ryukyu Island, 47, JP
SHE AIP Shenyang [Taoxian Intl], 21, CN
SJW AIP Shijiazhuang [Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl (Daguocun Intl)], 42, CN
TGO GCMAP Tongliao, 15, CN
TPE DAFIF Taipei [Taiwan Taoyuan Intl (Chiang Kai Shek Intl)], TW
TSN AIP Tianjin [Binhai Intl], 12, CN
WUH AIP Wuhan [Wuhan Tianhe Intl], 42, CN
XFN GCMAP Xiangyang (Xiangfan) [Xiangyang Liuji], 42, CN
XIY AIP Xi'an (Xian) [Xianyang Intl], 61, CN
YNY DAFIF Yangyang [Intl], KR
HLD AIP Hailar [Dongshan Airport], 15, CN
XNN GCMAP Xining (Haidong) [Xining Caojiabao Airport], 63, CN
SHA AIP Shanghai [Shanghai Hongqiao Intl], 31, CN
BFJ other Bijie [Bijie Feixiong Airport], 52, CN
CAN AIP Guangzhou (Canton) [Baiyun], 44, CN
CIH GCMAP Changzhi [Changzhi Wangcun Airport], 61, CN
CTU AIP Chengdu [Shuangliu Intl], 51, CN
FOC AIP Fuzhou [Changle Airport], 35, CN
INC GCMAP Yinchuan [Hedong], 64, CN
JUH other Chizhou [Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport], 34, CN
KMG AIP Kunming [Kunming Changshui Intl], 53, CN
LCX GCMAP Longyan (Liancheng) [Guanzaishan], 35, CN
NNG AIP Nanning [Wuxu Intl], 45, CN
PEK AIP Beijing (Peking) [Capital Airport], 11, CN
TYN AIP Taiyuan [Taiyuan Wusu Intl], 61, CN
URC AIP rmqi [rmqi Diwopu Intl], 65, CN
ZUH GCMAP Zhuhai (Sanzao, Shanzhou) [Intl], 44, CN
LJG GCMAP Lijiang [Lijiang Sanyi Airport], 53, CN

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