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From To Initial
Total: 22,539 mi
Average: 256 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 220220.1°(SW) 221220.8°(SW) 229 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) WIC (58°27'32"N 3°05'35"W) 340339.6°(N) 340340.2°(N) 93 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 180180.0°(S) 181180.6°(S) 553 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) 195194.9°(S) 196195.5°(S) 481 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) 172172.3°(S) 173172.9°(S) 151 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) MME (54°30'33"N 1°25'46"W) 171170.6°(S) 171171.2°(S) 189 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) 177176.7°(S) 177177.3°(S) 329 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) 175175.1°(S) 176175.8°(S) 434 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) HUY (53°34'28"N 0°21'03"W) 163163.1°(S) 164163.7°(S) 261 mi
ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) NWI (52°40'33"N 1°16'58"E) 155154.7°(SE) 155155.3°(SE) 342 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) INV (57°32'33"N 4°02'51"W) 346346.4°(N) 346346.3°(N) 364 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 336336.3°(NW) 336336.2°(NW) 260 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 345345.4°(N) 345345.3°(N) 251 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 313313.0°(NW) 313312.9°(NW) 226 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) NOC (53°54'37"N 8°49'07"W) 292291.7°(W) 292291.6°(W) 310 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) IOM (54°05'00"N 4°37'24"W) 315314.5°(NW) 314314.4°(NW) 164 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) 227226.5°(SW) 226226.4°(SW) 198 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 185185.2°(S) 185185.0°(S) 225 mi
BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) 190190.5°(S) 190190.3°(S) 212 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) VLY (53°14'53"N 4°32'07"W) 339338.9°(N) 339339.3°(N) 138 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 360359.8°(N) 000000.1°(N) 315 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 352352.2°(N) 353352.5°(N) 313 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) 015014.6°(N) 015014.9°(N) 261 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 336335.7°(NW) 336336.0°(NW) 246 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) DUB (53°25'17"N 6°16'12"W) 320319.7°(NW) 320320.0°(NW) 187 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) ORK (51°50'29"N 8°29'28"W) 280279.9°(W) 280280.2°(W) 224 mi
CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) 166166.1°(S) 166166.5°(S) 140 mi
EMA (52°49'52"N 1°19'40"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 305305.4°(NW) 305305.1°(NW) 224 mi
EMA (52°49'52"N 1°19'40"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 330330.4°(NW) 330330.2°(NW) 245 mi
EMA (52°49'52"N 1°19'40"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 340339.9°(N) 340339.7°(N) 231 mi
EMA (52°49'52"N 1°19'40"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 189188.9°(S) 189188.7°(S) 253 mi
EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) NOC (53°54'37"N 8°49'07"W) 239239.2°(SW) 240240.1°(SW) 259 mi
EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 228228.0°(SW) 229228.9°(SW) 135 mi
EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) MAN (53°21'14"N 2°16'30"W) 166165.8°(S) 167166.7°(S) 185 mi
EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 173173.5°(S) 174174.4°(S) 469 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 354353.6°(N) 354353.9°(N) 358 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 000000.3°(N) 001000.5°(N) 361 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) 013012.9°(N) 013013.2°(N) 306 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 340339.9°(N) 340340.2°(N) 288 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) DUB (53°25'17"N 6°16'12"W) 328327.9°(NW) 328328.2°(NW) 222 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) NWI (52°40'33"N 1°16'58"E) 055054.5°(NE) 055054.8°(NE) 242 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) 158157.8°(S) 158158.1°(S) 97 mi
EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 152152.3°(SE) 153152.6°(SE) 119 mi
GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) BRS (51°22'58"N 2°43'09"W) 358357.8°(N) 358357.7°(N) 135 mi
IOM (54°05'00"N 4°37'24"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 003003.4°(N) 005004.6°(N) 124 mi
IOM (54°05'00"N 4°37'24"W) LPL (53°20'01"N 2°50'59"W) 125124.8°(SE) 126125.9°(SE) 89 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) INV (57°32'33"N 4°02'51"W) 353353.2°(N) 353352.9°(N) 581 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 349349.3°(N) 349349.0°(N) 470 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 354354.4°(N) 354354.1°(N) 469 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) BRS (51°22'58"N 2°43'09"W) 351351.4°(N) 351351.2°(N) 152 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) 311310.6°(NW) 310310.4°(NW) 24 mi
JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) DSA (53°28'31"N 1°00'15"W) 009009.5°(N) 009009.2°(N) 299 mi
NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) 353352.7°(N) 353352.9°(N) 151 mi
NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) 196195.9°(S) 196196.1°(S) 261 mi
NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) 205204.9°(SW) 205205.1°(SW) 347 mi
NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) 194194.3°(S) 194194.5°(S) 306 mi
NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) 177177.1°(S) 177177.2°(S) 283 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 341340.7°(N) 340340.3°(N) 363 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 347347.3°(N) 347346.9°(N) 356 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) 357357.3°(N) 357356.9°(N) 283 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) LBA (53°51'58"N 1°39'39"W) 356356.5°(N) 356356.1°(N) 202 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 325325.0°(NW) 325324.6°(NW) 316 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) DUB (53°25'17"N 6°16'12"W) 311311.2°(NW) 311310.8°(NW) 270 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) GCI (49°26'05"N 2°36'07"W) 208208.3°(SW) 208207.9°(SW) 118 mi
SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) JER (49°12'29"N 2°11'44"W) 198197.5°(S) 197197.1°(S) 126 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) INV (57°32'33"N 4°02'51"W) 018018.5°(N) 020020.2°(N) 214 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) 037037.1°(NE) 039038.8°(NE) 229 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 033032.7°(NE) 034034.4°(NE) 104 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 046045.9°(NE) 048047.7°(NE) 135 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) LBA (53°51'58"N 1°39'39"W) 105105.2°(E) 107107.0°(E) 178 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) DSA (53°28'31"N 1°00'15"W) 110109.8°(E) 111111.5°(E) 213 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) IOM (54°05'00"N 4°37'24"W) 126125.7°(SE) 127127.5°(SE) 63 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) LPL (53°20'01"N 2°50'59"W) 125124.6°(SE) 126126.3°(SE) 152 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) EMA (52°49'52"N 1°19'40"W) 122121.7°(SE) 123123.4°(SE) 224 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) 130129.7°(SE) 131131.4°(SE) 226 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) CWL (51°23'48"N 3°20'36"W) 154153.6°(SE) 155155.4°(SE) 246 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) EXT (50°44'04"N 3°24'50"W) 158158.0°(S) 160159.7°(S) 288 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) SOU (50°57'01"N 1°21'24"W) 141141.4°(SE) 143143.2°(SE) 316 mi
BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) 172172.4°(S) 174174.1°(S) 291 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) BHD (54°37'05"N 5°52'21"W) 353353.0°(N) 354353.9°(N) 291 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) GLA (55°52'19"N 4°25'59"W) 003003.3°(N) 004004.1°(N) 376 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) EDI (55°57'00"N 3°22'21"W) 009009.4°(N) 010010.2°(N) 387 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) ABZ (57°12'09"N 2°11'53"W) 013012.6°(N) 013013.4°(N) 481 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) NCL (55°02'17"N 1°41'23"W) 022022.3°(N) 023023.1°(NE) 347 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) LBA (53°51'58"N 1°39'39"W) 030029.6°(NE) 030030.4°(NE) 276 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) DSA (53°28'31"N 1°00'15"W) 038037.5°(NE) 038038.3°(NE) 270 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) LPL (53°20'01"N 2°50'59"W) 024023.8°(NE) 025024.6°(NE) 220 mi
NQY (50°26'27"N 4°59'43"W) BHX (52°27'14"N 1°44'53"W) 044044.0°(NE) 045044.8°(NE) 198 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
ABZ AIP Aberdeen [Dyce], Aberdeenshire, SCT, GB
BHD DAFIF Belfast [George Best Belfast City], County Down, NIR, GB
WIC DAFIF Wick (Caithness), Caithness, SCT, GB
JER AIP St. Peter [Jersey Airport], JE
NQY AIP Newquay [Newquay Cornwall Airport (RAF St. Mawgan)], Cornwall, ENG, GB
NCL AIP Newcastle upon Tyne [Newcastle Intl], Northumberland, ENG, GB
MME AIP Teesside (Middleton St. George) [Durham Tees Valley Airport (Teesside Intl)], Durham, ENG, GB
BHX AIP Birmingham [Birmingham Airport (Birmingham Intl)], Warwickshire, ENG, GB
SOU DAFIF Southampton [Eastleigh], Hampshire, ENG, GB
HUY DAFIF Humberside, Lincolnshire, ENG, GB
NWI DAFIF Norwich [Intl], Norfolk, ENG, GB
INV AIP Inverness, Inverness, SCT, GB
GLA AIP Glasgow [Abbotsinch], Renfrewshire, SCT, GB
EDI AIP Edinburgh [Edinburgh Airport (RAF Turnhouse)], Midlothian, SCT, GB
NOC AIP Knock (Connaught) [Ireland West Airport Knock (Knock Intl)], County Mayo, Connacht, IE
IOM AIP Isle of Man [Isle of Man Airport (Ronaldsway Airport, RAF Ronaldsway)], IM
GCI AIP Forest (St. Peter Port) [Guernsey Airport], GG
CWL DAFIF Cardiff [Intl], Glamorgan, WLS, GB
VLY DAFIF Anglesey (Holyhead) [Anglesey Airport/RAF Valley (Maes Awyr Môn)], Anglesey, WLS, GB
DUB AIP Dublin [Intl], County Dublin, Leinster, IE
ORK AIP Cork [Intl], County Cork, Munster, IE
EMA AIP Derby [East Midlands Airport (Castle Donnington)], Leicestershire, ENG, GB
MAN AIP Manchester [Ringway Intl], ENG, GB
EXT DAFIF Exeter [Intl], Devonshire, ENG, GB
BRS AIP Bristol [Bristol Intl (Lulsgate)], Somerset, ENG, GB
LPL AIP Liverpool [Liverpool John Lennon (RAF Speke)], Lancashire, ENG, GB
DSA AIP Doncaster/Sheffield [Robin Hood Airport (RAF Finningley)], Yorkshire, ENG, GB
LBA AIP Leeds/Bradford (Yeadon) [Leeds Bradford Intl], Yorkshire, ENG, GB

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