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From To Initial
Total: 73,389 mi
Average: 1,064 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) 122122.2°(SE) 132132.3°(SE) 357 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 065064.9°(NE) 075075.0°(E) 316 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) 305305.4°(NW) 316315.6°(NW) 1,675 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 304303.5°(NW) 314313.7°(NW) 937 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YMM (56°39'12"N 111°13'24"W) 314314.2°(NW) 324324.4°(NW) 1,642 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) 300300.0°(NW) 310310.2°(NW) 1,675 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 182181.9°(S) 192192.1°(S) 1,233 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YHZ (44°52'47"N 63°30'37"W) 078078.5°(E) 089088.6°(E) 803 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) 296296.0°(NW) 306306.2°(NW) 2,085 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 186185.6°(S) 196195.8°(S) 1,055 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) 058058.5°(NE) 069068.7°(E) 226 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 182181.5°(S) 192191.7°(S) 1,214 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) PSP (33°49'47"N 116°30'24"W) 264263.6°(W) 274273.8°(W) 2,085 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YQM (46°06'58"N 64°40'43"W) 072071.9°(E) 082082.0°(E) 752 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YXE (52°10'15"N 106°42'00"W) 305304.8°(NW) 315314.9°(NW) 1,377 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) PBI (26°40'59"N 80°05'44"W) 181181.4°(S) 192191.6°(S) 1,172 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YQR (50°25'56"N 104°39'58"W) 300300.5°(NW) 311310.6°(NW) 1,263 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YYG (46°17'21"N 63°07'09"W) 072071.7°(E) 082081.8°(E) 827 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YLW (49°57'26"N 119°22'40"W) 297297.2°(NW) 307307.4°(NW) 1,910 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YQB (46°47'28"N 71°23'36"W) 059059.0°(NE) 069069.1°(E) 456 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YYT (47°37'07"N 52°45'09"W) 069068.7°(E) 079078.9°(E) 1,323 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) 197197.3°(S) 207207.5°(SW) 1,615 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 265265.4°(W) 276275.5°(W) 2,175 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) PHL (39°52'20"N 75°14'26"W) 138137.7°(SE) 148147.9°(SE) 347 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 259258.9°(W) 269269.1°(W) 1,876 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 189189.4°(S) 200199.6°(S) 1,095 mi
YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) YQX (48°56'13"N 54°34'05"W) 064064.3°(NE) 074074.4°(E) 1,247 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) 255255.4°(W) 241241.4°(SW) 428 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YLW (49°57'26"N 119°22'40"W) 253253.3°(W) 239239.2°(SW) 250 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YYJ (48°38'50"N 123°25'33"W) 252251.5°(W) 237237.5°(SW) 453 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YQR (50°25'56"N 104°39'58"W) 093093.0°(E) 079079.0°(E) 412 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YXX (49°01'31"N 122°21'36"W) 252251.9°(W) 238237.9°(SW) 398 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YXE (52°10'15"N 106°42'00"W) 074074.2°(E) 060060.2°(NE) 323 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 090089.9°(E) 076075.9°(E) 742 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) 007006.8°(N) 353352.8°(N) 152 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 086086.1°(E) 072072.0°(E) 1,873 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YQU (55°10'55"N 118°53'14"W) 326326.1°(NW) 312312.1°(NW) 346 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) 088087.7°(E) 074073.7°(E) 1,793 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YKF (43°27'39"N 80°22'43"W) 095095.4°(E) 081081.4°(E) 1,650 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 139139.4°(SE) 125125.4°(SE) 1,748 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 184183.6°(S) 170169.5°(S) 1,040 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) PSP (33°49'47"N 116°30'24"W) 187187.0°(S) 173172.9°(S) 1,200 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) YHM (43°10'25"N 79°56'06"W) 096095.6°(E) 082081.6°(E) 1,680 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 192192.3°(S) 178178.2°(S) 1,206 mi
YYC (51°07'21"N 114°00'48"W) PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) 164164.0°(S) 150150.0°(SE) 2,152 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) 239239.5°(SW) 225225.2°(SW) 504 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 102101.9°(E) 088087.7°(E) 740 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YXX (49°01'31"N 122°21'36"W) 236235.7°(SW) 221221.4°(SW) 483 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YQQ (49°42'39"N 124°53'12"W) 247247.5°(SW) 233233.2°(SW) 547 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YYJ (48°38'50"N 123°25'33"W) 237237.0°(SW) 223222.7°(SW) 536 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YMM (56°39'12"N 111°13'24"W) 021021.1°(N) 007006.8°(N) 250 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YLW (49°57'26"N 119°22'40"W) 229229.4°(SW) 215215.1°(SW) 340 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) YZF (62°27'47"N 114°26'25"W) 357357.5°(N) 343343.2°(N) 634 mi
YEG (53°18'36"N 113°34'46"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 184184.3°(S) 170170.0°(S) 1,192 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) YLW (49°57'26"N 119°22'40"W) 071071.4°(E) 055055.3°(NE) 179 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 078077.7°(E) 061061.5°(NE) 1,162 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) YQR (50°25'56"N 104°39'58"W) 077077.1°(E) 061060.9°(NE) 830 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 077077.2°(E) 061061.0°(NE) 2,295 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) YXE (52°10'15"N 106°42'00"W) 068067.8°(E) 052051.7°(NE) 751 mi
YVR (49°11'41"N 123°11'02"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 153152.8°(SE) 137136.7°(SE) 992 mi
YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 197197.1°(S) 211211.1°(SW) 1,384 mi
YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 294294.2°(NW) 308308.3°(NW) 1,133 mi
YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) YWG (49°54'36"N 97°14'24"W) 295295.3°(NW) 308308.3°(NW) 1,052 mi
YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 197196.8°(S) 210209.8°(SW) 1,205 mi
YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 192192.1°(S) 205205.2°(SW) 1,350 mi
YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) MBJ (18°30'13"N 77°54'48"W) 185184.7°(S) 198197.8°(S) 1,853 mi
YOW (45°19'21"N 75°40'02"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 197196.7°(S) 210209.7°(SW) 1,338 mi
YQB (46°47'28"N 71°23'36"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 202201.6°(S) 217217.2°(SW) 1,507 mi
YHZ (44°52'47"N 63°30'37"W) YYT (47°37'07"N 52°45'09"W) 066066.0°(NE) 083083.1°(E) 549 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
YYZ AIP Toronto [Lester B. Pearson Intl], ON, CA
LGA FAA New York [LaGuardia Airport], NY, US
YUL AIP Montréal [Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (Dorval)], QC, CA
YEG AIP Edmonton (Nisku) [Intl], AB, CA
YWG AIP Winnipeg [Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Intl], MB, CA
YMM AIP Fort McMurray [Intl], AB, CA
YYC AIP Calgary [Intl], AB, CA
MIA FAA Miami [Intl], FL, US
YHZ AIP Halifax [Robert L. Stanfield Intl], NS, CA
YVR AIP Vancouver [Intl], BC, CA
MCO FAA Orlando [Intl], FL, US
YOW AIP Ottawa [Macdonald-Cartier Intl], ON, CA
FLL FAA Fort Lauderdale [Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl], FL, US
PSP FAA Palm Springs [Intl], CA, US
YQM AIP Moncton [Greater Moncton Intl], NB, CA
YXE AIP Saskatoon [John G. Diefenbaker Intl], SK, CA
PBI FAA West Palm Beach [Palm Beach Intl], FL, US
YQR AIP Regina [Intl], SK, CA
YYG AIP Charlottetown [Charlottetown Airport], PE, CA
YLW AIP Kelowna [Intl], BC, CA
YQB AIP Québec City [Jean Lesage Intl (Québec City Jean Lesage Intl)], QC, CA
YYT AIP St. John's [Intl], NL, CA
CUN DAFIF Cancún [Cancún Intl], ROO, MX
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
PHL FAA Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
TPA FAA Tampa [Intl], FL, US
YQX AIP Gander [Intl], NL, CA
YYJ AIP Victoria [Intl], BC, CA
YXX AIP Abbotsford [Intl], BC, CA
YQU AIP Grande Prairie [Grande Prairie Airport], AB, CA
YKF AIP Kitchener [Region of Waterloo Intl (Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Airport)], ON, CA
IAH FAA Houston [George Bush Intercontinental Airport], TX, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [McCarran Intl], NV, US
YHM AIP Hamilton [John C. Munro Hamilton Intl], ON, CA
PVR DAFIF Puerto Vallarta [Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Intl], JAL, MX
YQQ AIP Comox [CFB Comox (Comox Airport)], BC, CA
YZF AIP Yellowknife [Yellowknife Airport], NT, CA
MBJ DAFIF Montego Bay [Sangster Intl], JM
RSW FAA Fort Myers [Southwest Florida Intl], FL, US

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