Great Circle Mapper

From To Initial
Total: 2,441,241 mi
Average: 11,737 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AAT (4745'N 8805'E) 041041.4(NE) 040039.9(NE) 10,957 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ACX (2509'N 10458'E) 156155.8(SE) 154154.3(SE) 11,810 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AKA (3242'29"N 10855'53"E) 168168.1(S) 167166.6(S) 12,381 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AKU (4115'45"N 8017'30"E) 063062.5(NE) 061061.0(NE) 10,768 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AOG (4106'19"N 12251'14"E) 310309.9(NW) 308308.4(NW) 11,519 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AQG (3034'56"N 11703'01"E) 248247.9(W) 246246.4(SW) 11,943 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AVA (2615'38"N 10552'23"E) 158158.2(S) 157156.7(SE) 11,902 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) AYN (3608'02"N 11420'38"E) 306306.4(NW) 305304.9(NW) 12,092 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BAV (4033'36"N 10959'49"E) 355355.4(N) 354353.9(N) 11,934 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BFJ (2718'01"N 10518'05"E) 152151.5(SE) 150150.0(SE) 11,953 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BFU (3250'51"N 11719'13"E) 267267.2(W) 266265.7(W) 11,973 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BHY (2132'22"N 10917'38"E) 180180.4(S) 179178.9(S) 11,614 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BPX (3033'13"N 9706'30"E) 103102.9(E) 101101.4(E) 11,707 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) BSD (2503'06"N 9910'05"E) 132132.1(SE) 131130.6(SE) 11,604 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CAN (2324'N 11318'E) 200200.1(S) 199198.6(S) 11,699 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CGD (2855'08"N 11138'25"E) 204203.8(SW) 202202.3(S) 12,092 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CGO (3431'N 11350'E) 289289.1(W) 288287.7(W) 12,166 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CGQ (4359'46"N 12541'07"E) 315314.9(NW) 313313.4(NW) 11,289 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CHG (4132'17"N 12026'06"E) 316316.4(NW) 315314.9(NW) 11,604 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CHW (3951'34"N 9820'18"E) 050049.5(NE) 048048.1(NE) 11,689 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CIF (4214'06"N 11854'30"E) 323322.7(NW) 321321.2(NW) 11,628 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CIH (3614'51"N 11307'33"E) 315315.2(NW) 314313.7(NW) 12,140 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CKG (2943'N 10638'E) 151151.0(SE) 149149.5(SE) 12,139 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CNI (3915'59"N 12240'01"E) 303302.9(NW) 301301.4(NW) 11,588 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CSX (2811'N 11313'E) 213212.8(SW) 211211.3(SW) 12,004 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CTU (3035'N 10357'E) 123123.0(SE) 122121.5(SE) 12,076 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) CZX (3155'11"N 11946'43"E) 263262.9(W) 261261.4(W) 11,820 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DAT (4003'37"N 11328'56"E) 335335.1(NW) 334333.6(NW) 11,915 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DAX (3107'49"N 10725'45"E) 150149.8(SE) 148148.3(SE) 12,246 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DCY (2919'23"N 10003'12"E) 116116.3(SE) 115114.8(SE) 11,833 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DDG (4001'32"N 12417'12"E) 304303.6(NW) 302302.1(NW) 11,488 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DIG (2747'37"N 9940'38"E) 123123.0(SE) 122121.5(SE) 11,754 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DIG (2747'37"N 9940'38"E) 123123.0(SE) 122121.5(SE) 11,754 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DLC (3858'N 12132'E) 303303.4(NW) 302301.9(NW) 11,652 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DLU (2538'58"N 10019'10"E) 134133.9(SE) 132132.4(SE) 11,683 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DNH (4009'40"N 9448'33"E) 055054.9(NE) 053053.4(NE) 11,516 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DOY (3730'30"N 11847'20"E) 301301.4(NW) 300299.9(NW) 11,831 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DQA (4645'03"N 12508'19"E) 323322.9(NW) 321321.4(NW) 11,190 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DSN (3929'33"N 10951'42"E) 356355.5(N) 354354.0(N) 12,008 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DYG (2906'10"N 11026'36"E) 193193.0(S) 191191.5(S) 12,126 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) DZU (2938'11"N 10546'25"E) 144143.6(SE) 142142.1(SE) 12,107 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ENH (3019'13"N 10929'06"E) 184183.9(S) 182182.5(S) 12,218 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ENY (3638'13"N 10933'14"E) 356355.6(N) 354354.1(N) 12,206 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ENY (3638'13"N 10933'14"E) 356355.6(N) 354354.1(N) 12,206 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ERL (4325'36"N 11205'54"E) 349348.5(N) 347347.0(N) 11,721 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) FOC (2556'N 11940'E) 232232.3(SW) 231230.8(SW) 11,628 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) FUG (3252'54"N 11544'02"E) 266265.9(W) 264264.4(W) 12,064 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) FUO (2305'00"N 11304'15"E) 199198.6(S) 197197.1(S) 11,683 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) FYN (4648'43"N 8933'20"E) 042041.9(NE) 040040.4(NE) 11,050 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GHN (3056'53"N 10419'47"E) 122121.7(SE) 120120.2(SE) 12,109 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GOQ (3624'00"N 9447'10"E) 071071.4(E) 070069.9(E) 11,599 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GYS (3223'28"N 10542'06"E) 111110.6(E) 109109.1(E) 12,228 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GYU (3604'43"N 10613'00"E) 039038.7(NE) 037037.2(NE) 12,185 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HAK (1956'N 11028'E) 185184.9(S) 183183.4(S) 11,500 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HDG (3631'26"N 11425'48"E) 310309.5(NW) 308308.1(NW) 12,072 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HEK (5010'19"N 12718'32"E) 327327.2(NW) 326325.7(NW) 10,954 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HET (4051'05"N 11149'27"E) 346345.8(N) 344344.3(N) 11,897 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HFE (3159'18"N 11658'35"E) 259259.1(W) 258257.6(W) 11,981 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HGH (3014'N 12026'E) 254253.9(W) 252252.4(W) 11,748 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HHA (2811'N 11313'E) 213212.8(SW) 211211.3(SW) 12,004 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HIA (3347'N 11907'E) 275275.5(W) 274274.0(W) 11,872 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HIA (3347'N 11907'E) 275275.5(W) 274274.0(W) 11,872 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HLD (4912'N 11950'E) 337336.9(NW) 335335.4(NW) 11,212 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HLH (4611'40"N 12200'31"E) 327326.8(NW) 325325.3(NW) 11,322 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HMI (4250'29"N 9340'09"E) 047047.2(NE) 046045.7(NE) 11,372 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HNY (2643'19"N 11237'05"E) 204203.5(SW) 202202.1(S) 11,929 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HRB (4538'N 12615'E) 318318.5(NW) 317317.0(NW) 11,200 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HSC (2458'43"N 11325'16"E) 204203.7(SW) 202202.2(S) 11,799 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HSN (2956'03"N 12221'44"E) 256255.7(W) 254254.2(W) 11,633 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HTN (3702'19"N 7951'54"E) 073073.0(E) 072071.5(E) 10,771 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HUZ (2302'54"N 11436'01"E) 205205.2(SW) 204203.7(SW) 11,648 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HYN (2833'44"N 12125'43"E) 248247.6(W) 246246.1(SW) 11,645 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) HZG (3308'01"N 10712'16"E) 101101.2(E) 100099.7(E) 12,327 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) INC (3819'22"N 10623'36"E) 023022.6(NE) 021021.2(N) 12,058 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) IQM (3808'58"N 8531'58"E) 069069.2(E) 068067.7(E) 11,077 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) IQN (3547'59"N 10736'10"E) 025025.1(NE) 024023.7(NE) 12,243 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JDZ (2920'19"N 11710'33"E) 240239.9(SW) 238238.4(SW) 11,893 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JGS (2651'27"N 11444'14"E) 216216.2(SW) 215214.7(SW) 11,876 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JGS (2651'27"N 11444'14"E) 216216.2(SW) 215214.7(SW) 11,876 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JHG (2159'N 10046'E) 146145.5(SE) 144144.1(SE) 11,494 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JIL (4400'08"N 12623'44"E) 314313.9(NW) 312312.4(NW) 11,259 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JIQ (2930'49"N 10849'53"E) 176175.7(S) 174174.2(S) 12,162 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JIU (2928'37"N 11548'04"E) 235235.2(SW) 234233.7(SW) 11,966 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JJN (2447'47"N 11835'23"E) 225225.0(SW) 223223.5(SW) 11,618 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JMU (4651'N 13028'E) 316316.4(NW) 315314.9(NW) 10,986 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JNG (3517'34"N 11620'47"E) 291290.8(W) 289289.3(W) 12,014 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JNZ (4056'10"N 12116'37"E) 312312.3(NW) 311310.8(NW) 11,594 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JUH (3044'25"N 11741'12"E) 251250.9(W) 249249.4(W) 11,913 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JUZ (2857'57"N 11853'58"E) 243243.3(SW) 242241.8(SW) 11,792 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JXA (4540'N 13228'E) 312311.7(NW) 310310.2(NW) 10,944 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) JZH (3251'N 10341'E) 096095.9(E) 094094.4(E) 12,122 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KCA (4143'05"N 8259'13"E) 060060.3(NE) 059058.8(NE) 10,899 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KGT (3008'34"N 10144'19"E) 117116.6(SE) 115115.1(SE) 11,949 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KHG (3933'N 7601'E) 067067.3(NE) 066065.9(NE) 10,558 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KHN (2852'N 11554'E) 232231.8(SW) 230230.3(SW) 11,935 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KMG (2506'N 10257'E) 146146.2(SE) 145144.7(SE) 11,750 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KOW (2551'12"N 11446'44"E) 213212.9(SW) 211211.4(SW) 11,816 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KRL (4141'52"N 8607'44"E) 059058.6(NE) 057057.1(NE) 11,056 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KWE (2632'N 10648'E) 163163.4(S) 162161.9(S) 11,937 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) KWL (2513'N 11002'E) 185185.0(S) 184183.5(S) 11,865 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LCX (2540'33"N 11644'47"E) 221221.1(SW) 220219.6(SW) 11,738 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LDS (4745'07"N 12901'08"E) 320320.1(NW) 319318.6(NW) 11,006 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LHK (3223'22"N 11141'41"E) 240240.4(SW) 239238.9(SW) 12,281 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LIA (3040'46"N 10747'10"E) 158158.5(S) 157157.0(SE) 12,227 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LJG (2640'45"N 10014'45"E) 130129.8(SE) 128128.3(SE) 11,730 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LNJ (2344'19"N 10001'29"E) 139138.8(SE) 137137.3(SE) 11,569 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LUM (2424'04"N 9831'54"E) 132132.2(SE) 131130.7(SE) 11,543 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LXA (2917'52"N 9054'43"E) 100100.2(E) 099098.8(E) 11,328 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LYA (3444'28"N 11223'18"E) 301301.2(NW) 300299.8(NW) 12,236 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LYG (3434'18"N 11852'25"E) 281281.3(W) 280279.8(W) 11,883 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LYI (3502'46"N 11824'42"E) 285285.3(W) 284283.8(W) 11,904 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LZH (2412'27"N 10923'28"E) 181181.0(S) 180179.5(S) 11,797 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) LZY (2918'13"N 9420'06"E) 104104.5(E) 103103.0(E) 11,521 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) MDG (4431'N 12934'E) 312311.5(NW) 310310.0(NW) 11,105 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) MIG (3125'41"N 10444'28"E) 119118.9(SE) 117117.4(SE) 12,147 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NAO (3045'N 10604'E) 137137.1(SE) 136135.7(SE) 12,178 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NAY (3946'51"N 11623'10"E) 321321.1(NW) 320319.6(NW) 11,842 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NBS (4205'17"N 12732'56"E) 307306.7(NW) 305305.2(NW) 11,273 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NDG (4714'N 12355'E) 326325.9(NW) 324324.4(NW) 11,208 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NGB (2950'N 12128'E) 254253.7(W) 252252.2(W) 11,681 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NGQ (3205'59"N 8003'10"E) 085085.1(E) 084083.6(E) 10,750 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NKG (3145'N 11852'E) 260260.5(W) 259259.0(W) 11,869 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NNG (2237'N 10810'E) 175175.1(S) 174173.6(S) 11,685 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NNY (3258'51"N 11236'55"E) 261261.2(W) 260259.7(W) 12,245 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NTG (3204'N 12059'E) 265265.2(W) 264263.7(W) 11,753 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) NZH (4934'00"N 11719'46"E) 342342.2(N) 341340.8(N) 11,240 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) OHE (5255'01"N 12225'23"E) 338338.3(N) 337336.8(NW) 10,933 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) PEK (4004'N 11636'E) 322321.6(NW) 320320.1(NW) 11,819 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) PVG (3109'N 12148'E) 261260.9(W) 259259.4(W) 11,692 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) PZI (2632'N 10148'E) 136136.3(SE) 135134.8(SE) 11,789 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) RKZ (2921'07"N 8918'37"E) 098098.4(E) 097097.0(E) 11,238 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) RUG (3215'25"N 12030'01"E) 266265.8(W) 264264.4(W) 11,783 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SHA (3112'N 12120'E) 261260.6(W) 259259.1(W) 11,719 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SHE (4139'N 12329'E) 311310.8(NW) 309309.3(NW) 11,472 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SHP (3958'05"N 11943'52"E) 312311.8(NW) 310310.3(NW) 11,699 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SHS (3019'28"N 11216'50"E) 218218.3(SW) 217216.8(SW) 12,158 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SIA (3422'36"N 10907'12"E) 003002.9(N) 001001.4(N) 12,362 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SIA (3422'36"N 10907'12"E) 003002.9(N) 001001.4(N) 12,362 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SJW (3817'N 11442'E) 321320.7(NW) 319319.3(NW) 11,979 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SWA (2333'N 11630'E) 214213.9(SW) 212212.5(SW) 11,625 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SXJ (4254'42"N 9014'51"E) 051051.5(NE) 050050.0(NE) 11,220 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SYM (2247'36"N 10057'34"E) 144144.4(SE) 143142.9(SE) 11,549 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SYM (2247'36"N 10057'34"E) 144144.4(SE) 143142.9(SE) 11,549 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SYX (1818'N 10925'E) 181180.7(S) 179179.3(S) 11,391 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SZV (3115'47"N 12024'02"E) 260259.7(W) 258258.2(W) 11,773 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SZX (2238'N 11349'E) 201201.1(S) 200199.7(S) 11,640 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) SZX (2238'N 11349'E) 201201.1(S) 200199.7(S) 11,640 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TAO (3616'N 12022'E) 291291.0(W) 290289.6(W) 11,778 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TCG (4640'21"N 8320'27"E) 048048.0(NE) 047046.6(NE) 10,800 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TCZ (2456'17"N 9829'08"E) 130130.4(SE) 129128.9(SE) 11,568 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TGO (4333'24"N 12211'59"E) 319319.4(NW) 318317.9(NW) 11,445 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TNA (3651'N 11713'E) 301301.2(NW) 300299.8(NW) 11,928 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TNH (4215'14"N 12542'12"E) 310309.5(NW) 308308.0(NW) 11,352 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TSN (3907'N 11721'E) 315314.5(NW) 313313.1(NW) 11,836 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TVS (3943'03"N 11800'10"E) 315315.3(NW) 314313.8(NW) 11,782 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TVS (3943'03"N 11800'10"E) 315315.3(NW) 314313.8(NW) 11,782 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TXN (2944'00"N 11815'21"E) 246245.8(SW) 244244.4(SW) 11,852 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) TYN (3745'N 11238'E) 330330.1(NW) 329328.7(NW) 12,077 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) URC (4354'N 8728'E) 051051.5(NE) 050050.0(NE) 11,064 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) URC (4354'N 8728'E) 051051.5(NE) 050050.0(NE) 11,064 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) UYN (3821'24"N 10935'33"E) 357356.7(N) 355355.3(N) 12,087 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WEF (3638'48"N 11907'07"E) 295295.4(NW) 294293.9(NW) 11,837 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WEH (3711'N 12214'E) 294293.8(NW) 292292.3(W) 11,662 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WHU (3123'26"N 11824'34"E) 257257.2(W) 256255.7(W) 11,889 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WNH (2333'29"N 10419'31"E) 156156.1(SE) 155154.6(SE) 11,693 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WNZ (2754'44"N 12051'07"E) 243243.4(SW) 242241.9(SW) 11,653 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WUA (3947'40"N 10647'58"E) 015015.3(N) 014013.8(N) 11,970 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WUH (3047'N 11412'E) 237237.4(SW) 236235.9(SW) 12,097 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WUS (2742'07"N 11800'05"E) 234234.1(SW) 233232.6(SW) 11,785 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WUX (3130'N 12026'E) 261261.1(W) 260259.6(W) 11,776 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WUZ (2327'24"N 11114'53"E) 190190.3(S) 189188.8(S) 11,735 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) WXN (3048'06"N 10825'58"E) 168167.5(S) 166166.0(S) 12,246 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XEN (4034'45"N 12041'54"E) 312312.1(NW) 311310.6(NW) 11,633 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XFN (3209'02"N 11217'27"E) 242241.6(SW) 240240.1(SW) 12,243 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XIC (2759'N 10211'E) 132131.5(SE) 130130.0(SE) 11,879 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XIL (4354'56"N 11557'50"E) 336336.0(NW) 334334.5(NW) 11,620 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XIN (2408'57"N 11545'28"E) 212212.5(SW) 211211.0(SW) 11,684 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XIY (3427'N 10845'E) 015014.6(N) 013013.1(N) 12,354 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XIY (3427'N 10845'E) 015014.6(N) 013013.1(N) 12,354 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XMN (2433'N 11808'E) 223222.6(SW) 221221.1(SW) 11,623 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XNN (3631'39"N 10202'34"E) 059058.6(NE) 057057.1(NE) 11,980 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XNT (3652'58"N 11425'45"E) 313312.6(NW) 311311.1(NW) 12,057 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) XUZ (3403'N 11733'E) 278278.0(W) 276276.5(W) 11,961 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YBP (2848'01"N 10432'40"E) 140139.8(SE) 138138.3(SE) 12,016 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YCU (3501'N 11100'E) 323323.2(NW) 322321.7(NW) 12,284 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YIH (3040'N 11126'E) 212212.1(SW) 211210.6(SW) 12,205 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YIN (4357'21"N 8119'49"E) 056055.6(NE) 054054.1(NE) 10,777 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YIW (2920'41"N 12001'56"E) 248248.3(W) 247246.8(SW) 11,745 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YNJ (4253'N 12927'E) 307307.1(NW) 306305.6(NW) 11,162 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YNT (3740'N 12059'E) 298298.0(NW) 296296.5(NW) 11,716 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YNZ (3325'33"N 12012'11"E) 273273.1(W) 272271.6(W) 11,809 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) YTY (3234'N 11943'E) 267267.1(W) 266265.6(W) 11,831 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZAT (2719'32"N 10345'18"E) 142142.4(SE) 141140.9(SE) 11,906 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZGC (3631'N 10337'E) 052052.4(NE) 051050.9(NE) 12,056 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZUH (2200'24"N 11322'35"E) 198198.4(S) 197196.9(S) 11,607 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZHA (2112'52"N 11021'30"E) 185184.9(S) 183183.4(S) 11,588 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZYI (2748'40"N 10714'45"E) 164163.8(S) 162162.3(S) 12,029 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZSLS (2928'39"N 11548'07"E) 235235.2(SW) 234233.7(SW) 11,966 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZJYX (1650'01"N 11220'42"E) 190190.2(S) 189188.7(S) 11,274 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZLJQ (3951'34"N 9820'18"E) 050049.5(NE) 048048.1(NE) 11,689 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZLLT (3409'11"N 10836'00"E) 024023.8(NE) 022022.3(N) 12,370 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZLLT (3409'11"N 10836'00"E) 024023.8(NE) 022022.3(N) 12,370 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZWKM (4527'59"N 8457'09"E) 050049.6(NE) 048048.1(NE) 10,906 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) ZYYY (4147'02"N 12329'50"E) 311311.3(NW) 310309.8(NW) 11,466 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GC0006 (4024'06"N 9947'21"E) 043043.5(NE) 042042.0(NE) 11,727 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GC0009 (3154'35"N 11739'29"E) 260259.7(W) 258258.2(W) 11,941 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GC0010 (3555'04"N 10413'05"E) 055055.0(NE) 054053.5(NE) 12,107 mi
SCL (3323'39"S 7047'37"W) GC0017 (4002'21"N 11323'37"E) 335335.4(NW) 334334.0(NW) 11,919 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
SCL AIP Santiago (Santiago de Chile) [Arturo Merino Bentez Intl (Pudahuel Intl)], RM, CL
AAT GCMAP Altay, 65, CN
ACX GCMAP Xingyi [Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport], 52, CN
AKA GCMAP Ankang, 61, CN
AKU GCMAP Aksu, 65, CN
AOG GCMAP Anshan [Anshan AB], 21, CN
AQG GCMAP Anqing, 34, CN
AVA GCMAP Anshun [Anshun Huangguoshu Airport], 52, CN
AYN GCMAP Anyang, 41, CN
BAV GCMAP Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], 15, CN
BFJ other Bijie [Bijie Feixiong Airport], 52, CN
BFU GCMAP Bengbu, 34, CN
BHY GCMAP Beihai, 45, CN
BPX GCMAP Bangda (Bamda, Bangdag) [Qamdo Bamda Airport (Pangda Airport)], Qamdo (Chamdo), 54, CN
BSD GCMAP Baoshan, 53, CN
CAN AIP Guangzhou (Canton) [Baiyun], 44, CN
CGD GCMAP Changde, 43, CN
CGO AIP Zhengzhou [Xinzheng Airport], 41, CN
CGQ DAFIF Changchun [Longjia Intl], 22, CN
CHG GCMAP Chaoyang, 21, CN
CHW GCMAP Jiayuguan City [Jiayuguan Airport (Jiuquan Airport)], 62, CN
(obsolete code for JGN)
CIF GCMAP Chifeng [Yulong Airport], 15, CN
CIH GCMAP Changzhi [Changzhi Wangcun Airport], 61, CN
CKG AIP Chongqing [Jiangbei Airport], 50, CN
CNI GCMAP Changhai, 21, CN
CSX AIP Changsha [Huanghua Intl], 43, CN
CTU AIP Chengdu [Shuangliu Intl], 51, CN
CZX GCMAP Changzhou, 32, CN
DAT GCMAP Datong, 61, CN
DAX GCMAP Dazhou (Dachuan) [Dazhou Heshi Airport (Daxian Airport)], 51, CN
DCY other Daocheng [Daocheng Yading Airport], Sangdui, 51, CN
DDG GCMAP Dandong, 21, CN
DIG GCMAP Shangri-La (Xianggelila, Zhongdian, Gyalthang) [Dqn Shangri-La Airport (Dqng Xiangglila)], 53, CN
DLC AIP Dalian [Zhoushuizi Intl], 21, CN
DLU GCMAP Xiaguan (Dali City) [Dali], 53, CN
DNH GCMAP Dunhuang, 62, CN
DOY GCMAP Dongying, 37, CN
DQA GCMAP Daqing [Daqing Sartu Airport], 23, CN
DSN GCMAP Ordos (Dongsheng) [Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (Dongsheng Airport)], 15, CN
DYG GCMAP Zhangjiajie (Dayong) [Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport], 43, CN
DZU GCMAP Dazu, 50, CN
ENH GCMAP Enshi, 42, CN
ENY GCMAP Yan'an, 61, CN
ERL other Erenhot (Erlian) [Erenhot Saiwusu Intl (Erenhot Shi)], 15, CN
FOC AIP Fuzhou [Changle Airport], 35, CN
FUG GCMAP Fuyang, 34, CN
FUO GCMAP Foshan (Fuoshan) [Shadi Airport], 44, CN
FYN other Fuyun [Fuyun Koktokay Airport], 65, CN
GHN GCMAP Guanghan (Guanyin) [Chongdu/Changhan], 51, CN
GOQ GCMAP Golmud [Golmud Airport], 63, CN
GYS GCMAP Guangyuan (Guang Yuan), 51, CN
GYU GCMAP Guyuan [Guyuan Liupanshan Airport], 64, CN
HAK AIP Haikou [Meilan Intl], 46, CN
HDG other Handan, 13, CN
HEK GCMAP Heihe [Heihe Aihui Airport], 23, CN
HET DAFIF Hohhot [Baita Intl], 15, CN
HFE GCMAP Hefei [Hefei Xinqiao Intl], 34, CN
HGH AIP Hangzhou [Xiaoshan Intl (Jianqiao Airport)], 33, CN
HHA AIP Changsha [Huanghua Intl], 43, CN
(obsolete code for CSX)
HIA AIP Huai'an [Huai'an Lianshui Airport], 32, CN
HLD AIP Hailar [Dongshan Airport], 15, CN
HLH GCMAP Ulanhot [Ulanhot Airport], 15, CN
HMI GCMAP Hami, 65, CN
HNY GCMAP Hengyang (Yunji Town) [Hengyang Nanyue Airport], 43, CN
HRB AIP Harbin [Harbin Taiping Intl], 23, CN
HSC other Shaoguan [Shaoguan Guitou Airport (Shaoguan AB)], 44, CN
HSN GCMAP Zhoushan (Chusan), 33, CN
HTN DAFIF Hotan, 65, CN
HUZ GCMAP Huizhou [Huizhou Pingtan Airport], 44, CN
HYN GCMAP Huangyan [Luqiao], 33, CN
HZG GCMAP Hanzhong [Hanzhong Chenggu Airport (Chenggu AB)], 61, CN
INC GCMAP Yinchuan [Hedong], 64, CN
IQM GCMAP Qiemo, 65, CN
IQN GCMAP Qingyang (Xifengzhen), 62, CN
JDZ GCMAP Jingdezhen, 36, CN
JGS GCMAP Ji'an [Jinggangshan], 36, CN
JHG AIP Jinghong [Xishuangbanna Gasa Intl (Jinghong Intl)], 53, CN
JIL GCMAP Jilin, 22, CN
JIQ GCMAP Qianjiang (Zhoubai) [Qianjiang Wulingshan Airport], 50, CN
JIU GCMAP Jiujiang [Lushan], 36, CN
JJN GCMAP Quanzhou (Jinjiang/Qingyang), 35, CN
JMU AIP Jiamusi [Jiamusi Dongjiao Airport], 23, CN
JNG GCMAP Jining [Jining Qufu Airport], 37, CN
JNZ GCMAP Jinzhou [Jinzhou Bay Airport], 21, CN
JUH other Chizhou [Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport], 34, CN
JUZ GCMAP Quzhou (Juzhou), 33, CN
JXA other Jixi (Jidong) [Jixi Xingkaihu Airport], 23, CN
JZH GCMAP Jiuzhaigou (Songpan) [Jiuzhaigou Huanglong], 51, CN
KCA GCMAP Kuqa, 65, CN
KGT GCMAP Kangding [Kangding Airport], 51, CN
KHG AIP Kashgar (Kashi) [Kashgar Airport], 65, CN
KHN AIP Nanchang [Nanchang Changbei Intl], 36, CN
KMG AIP Kunming [Kunming Changshui Intl], 53, CN
KOW GCMAP Ganzhou (Fenggang) [Ganzhou Huangjin Airport], 36, CN
KRL GCMAP Korla, 65, CN
KWE AIP Guiyang [Guiyang Longdongbao Intl], 52, CN
KWL AIP Guilin [Liangjiang Intl], 45, CN
LCX GCMAP Longyan (Liancheng) [Guanzaishan], 35, CN
LDS GCMAP Yichun [Yichun Lindu Airport], 23, CN
LHK GCMAP Guanghua, 42, CN
LIA GCMAP Liangping, 51, CN
LJG GCMAP Lijiang [Lijiang Sanyi Airport], 53, CN
LNJ GCMAP Lincang (Boshang), 53, CN
LUM GCMAP Mang City [Dehong Mangshi Airport (Luxi Mangshi Airport)], Dehong, 53, CN
LXA GCMAP Lhasa (Lasa) [Gonggar Airport], 54, CN
LYA GCMAP Luoyang, 41, CN
LYG GCMAP Lianyungang, 32, CN
LYI GCMAP Linyi [Shubuling], 37, CN
LZH GCMAP Liuzhou [Bailian], 45, CN
LZY GCMAP Nyingchi (Linzhi, Kang-Ko, Milin) [Mainling], 54, CN
MDG AIP Mudanjiang [Hailang Airport], 23, CN
MIG GCMAP Mianyang (Mian Yang), 51, CN
NAO GCMAP Nanchong, 51, CN
NAY GCMAP Beijing (Peking) [Beijing Nanyuan Airport], 11, CN
NBS other Baishan [Changbaishan Airport (Chang Bai Shan)], 22, CN
NDG AIP Qiqihar [Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport], 23, CN
NGB AIP Ningbo [Lishe Intl], 33, CN
NGQ GCMAP Shiquanhe [Ngari Gunsa Airport], Ngari, 54, CN
NKG AIP Nanjing [Nanjing Lukou Intl], 32, CN
NNG AIP Nanning [Wuxu Intl], 45, CN
NNY GCMAP Nanyang, 41, CN
NTG AIP Nantong [Xingdong Airport], 32, CN
NZH GCMAP Manzhouli [Manzhouli Xijiao Airport], 15, CN
OHE GCMAP Mohe [Mohe Gulian Airport], 23, CN
PEK AIP Beijing (Peking) [Beijing Capital Airport], 11, CN
PVG AIP Shanghai [Pudong Intl], 31, CN
PZI GCMAP Panzhihua (Dukao City), 51, CN
RKZ GCMAP Xigaz (Shigatse, Rikaze) [Shigatse Peace Airport (Xigaz Heping Airport, Xigaz AB)], 54, CN
RUG GCMAP Rugao [Rugao AB], 32, CN
SHA AIP Shanghai [Shanghai Hongqiao Intl], 31, CN
SHE AIP Shenyang [Taoxian Intl], 21, CN
SHP GCMAP Qinhuangdao (Shanhaiguan) [Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan Airport], 42, CN
SHS GCMAP Jingzhou [Shashi Airport], 42, CN
SIA GCMAP Xi'an (Xian) [Xiguan], 61, CN
SJW AIP Shijiazhuang [Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl (Daguocun Intl)], 42, CN
SWA AIP Jieyang (Shantou) [Chaoshan Intl], 44, CN
SXJ GCMAP Shanshan, 65, CN
SYM GCMAP Simao [Pu'er Simao Airport], Pu'er City, 53, CN
SYX AIP Sanya [Fenghuang Intl (Phoenix Intl)], 46, CN
SZV GCMAP Suzhou [Guangfu], 32, CN
SZX AIP Shenzhen (Zhenzhen) [Shenzhen Bao'an Intl (Shenzhen Huangtian Airport)], 44, CN
TAO AIP Qingdao [Liuting Intl], 37, CN
TCG GCMAP Tacheng, 65, CN
TCZ GCMAP Tengchong (Tuofeng) [Tengchong Tuofeng Airport], 53, CN
TGO GCMAP Tongliao, 15, CN
TNA AIP Jinan [Yaoqiang Intl], 37, CN
TNH GCMAP Tonghua (Liuhe) [Tonghua Sanyuanpu Airport (Tonghua Liuhe Airport)], 22, CN
TSN AIP Tianjin [Binhai Intl], 12, CN
TVS GCMAP Tangshan [Tangshan Sannhe Airport (Tangshan AB)], 42, CN
TXN GCMAP Huangshan [Tunxi Intl], 34, CN
TYN AIP Taiyuan [Taiyuan Wusu Intl], 61, CN
URC AIP rmqi [rmqi Diwopu Intl], 65, CN
UYN GCMAP Yulin [Yulin Yuyang Airport], 61, CN
WEF GCMAP Weifang, 37, CN
WEH AIP Weihai (Wendeng) [Dashuipo Airport], 37, CN
WHU GCMAP Wuhu [Wuhu AB], 34, CN
WNH GCMAP Wenshan (Yanshan County) [Wenshan Puzhehei Airport], 53, CN
WNZ GCMAP Wenzhou [Intl], 33, CN
WUA GCMAP Wuhai [Wuhai Regional], 15, CN
WUH AIP Wuhan [Wuhan Tianhe Intl], 42, CN
WUS GCMAP Wuyishan [Nanping Wuyishan Airport], 35, CN
WUX AIP Wuxi (Suzhou) [Sunan Shuofang Intl], 32, CN
WUZ GCMAP Wuzhou [Changzhoudao], 45, CN
WXN GCMAP Wanzhou (Wanxian) [Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport], 51, CN
XEN GCMAP Xingcheng, 21, CN
XFN GCMAP Xiangyang (Xiangfan) [Xiangyang Liuji], 42, CN
XIC AIP Xichang [Qingshan Airport], 51, CN
XIL GCMAP Xilinhot, 15, CN
XIN GCMAP Xingning, 44, CN
XIY AIP Xi'an (Xian) [Xianyang Intl], 61, CN
XMN AIP Xiamen [Gaoqi Intl], 35, CN
XNN GCMAP Xining (Haidong) [Xining Caojiabao Airport], 63, CN
XNT GCMAP Xingtai [Xingtai Dalian Airport], 42, CN
XUZ AIP Xuzhou [Xuzhou Guanyin Intl], 32, CN
YBP GCMAP Yibin, 51, CN
YCU GCMAP Yuncheng (Zhangxiao) [Yuncheng Guangong Airport (Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport)], 61, CN
YIH GCMAP Yichang, 42, CN
YIN GCMAP Yining, 65, CN
YIW GCMAP Yiwu, 33, CN
YNJ AIP Yanji [Yanji Chaoyangchuan Airport], 22, CN
YNT AIP Yantai [Penglai Intl (Chaoshui Intl)], 37, CN
YNZ GCMAP Yancheng, 32, CN
YTY AIP Yangzhou [Taizhou Airport (Yangtai Airport)], 32, CN
ZAT GCMAP Zhaotong, 53, CN
ZGC AIP Lanzhou [Lanzhou Zhongchuan Intl (Lanzhou West)], 62, CN
(obsolete code for LHW)
ZUH GCMAP Zhuhai (Sanzao, Shanzhou) [Intl], 44, CN
ZHA GCMAP Zhanjiang, 44, CN
ZYI GCMAP Zunyi [Xinzhou], 52, CN
ZSLS GCMAP Lushan [Mahuiling AB], 36, CN
ZJYX DAFIF Yongxing Island [Yongxing Island Airport], Xisha Islands (Woody Island, Paracel Islands), 46, CN
ZLJQ GCMAP Jiayuguan City [Jiayuguan Airport (Jiuquan Airport)], 62, CN
ZLLT GCMAP Xi'an (Xian) [Lintong], 61, CN
ZWKM GCMAP Karamay, 65, CN
ZYYY GCMAP Shenyang [Dongta], 21, CN
GC0006 GCMAP Shuangchengzi, 62, CN
GC0009 GCMAP Feidong [Feidong AB], 34, CN
GC0010 GCMAP Lanzhou [Lanzhou AB], 62, CN
GC0017 GCMAP Datong, 61, CN

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