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Total: 17,649 mi
Average: 353 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) BUF (42°56'26"N 78°43'50"W) 303303.5°(NW) 316316.4°(NW) 301 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) 238237.6°(SW) 251250.6°(W) 184 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) 280279.8°(W) 293292.8°(NW) 425 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 268267.7°(W) 281280.7°(W) 483 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) DCA (38°51'05"N 77°02'16"W) 236235.6°(SW) 249248.6°(W) 213 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 240240.4°(SW) 253253.4°(W) 228 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) PHL (39°52'19"N 75°14'26"W) 236236.0°(SW) 249249.0°(W) 94 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) PIT (40°29'29"N 80°13'58"W) 270270.4°(W) 283283.3°(W) 340 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) 221221.2°(SW) 234234.2°(SW) 427 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) RIC (37°30'19"N 77°19'11"W) 222222.5°(SW) 235235.5°(SW) 288 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) ROC (43°07'09"N 77°40'19"W) 312311.7°(NW) 325324.7°(NW) 264 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 326325.6°(NW) 339338.6°(N) 209 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 000000.3°(N) 013013.3°(N) 333 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) YYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) 307306.8°(NW) 320319.8°(NW) 366 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) BGR (44°48'27"N 68°49'41"W) 041041.0°(NE) 054053.9°(NE) 378 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) BTV (44°28'19"N 73°09'12"W) 008007.9°(N) 021020.9°(N) 258 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 266266.5°(W) 279279.4°(W) 479 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 267267.1°(W) 280280.0°(W) 549 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) GSP (34°53'44"N 82°13'08"W) 231231.0°(SW) 244244.0°(SW) 610 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) MHT (42°55'58"N 71°26'09"W) 039039.4°(NE) 052052.4°(NE) 195 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 206205.9°(SW) 219218.8°(SW) 296 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) PWM (43°38'44"N 70°18'31"W) 042041.5°(NE) 054054.5°(NE) 269 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) ROC (43°07'09"N 77°40'19"W) 311310.8°(NW) 324323.8°(NW) 254 mi
LGA (40°46'38"N 73°52'21"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 325325.2°(NW) 338338.1°(N) 198 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) BTV (44°28'19"N 73°09'12"W) 070069.7°(E) 077077.0°(E) 537 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 171170.9°(S) 178178.2°(S) 155 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) 198198.0°(S) 205205.3°(SW) 229 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 196196.1°(S) 203203.5°(SW) 166 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) ERI (42°04'59"N 80°10'26"W) 092092.1°(E) 099099.4°(E) 164 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) GSP (34°53'44"N 82°13'08"W) 173172.7°(S) 180180.0°(S) 508 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 124124.1°(SE) 131131.4°(SE) 383 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 223222.8°(SW) 230230.1°(SW) 231 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) MDT (40°11'35"N 76°45'45"W) 110109.9°(E) 117117.2°(SE) 371 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 132131.5°(SE) 139138.8°(SE) 529 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) ROC (43°07'09"N 77°40'19"W) 076075.9°(E) 083083.2°(E) 296 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) SDF (38°10'27"N 85°44'11"W) 205205.1°(SW) 212212.5°(SW) 306 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 078078.0°(E) 085085.3°(E) 374 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) YUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 062061.6°(NE) 069069.0°(E) 530 mi
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) 026026.5°(NE) 036035.7°(NE) 255 mi
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 323323.0°(NW) 332332.2°(NW) 362 mi
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) 306305.8°(NW) 315315.1°(NW) 390 mi
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 305305.1°(NW) 314314.3°(NW) 489 mi
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) PHL (39°52'19"N 75°14'26"W) 034034.1°(NE) 043043.3°(NE) 337 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 119119.0°(SE) 119118.9°(SE) 626 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 124123.6°(SE) 124123.5°(SE) 574 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) FAR (46°55'14"N 96°48'57"W) 310310.4°(NW) 310310.3°(NW) 223 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 133132.7°(SE) 133132.6°(SE) 503 mi
BOS (42°21'47"N 71°00'23"W) CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) 259259.2°(W) 274273.8°(W) 640 mi
CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) 086086.3°(E) 092092.1°(E) 430 mi
CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) MEM (35°02'33"N 89°58'36"W) 228228.4°(SW) 234234.1°(SW) 403 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
JFK FAA New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, US
LGA FAA New York [LaGuardia Airport], NY, US
DTW FAA Detroit (Romulus) [Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport], MI, US
RDU FAA Raleigh/Durham [Raleigh-Durham Intl], NC, US
BUF FAA Buffalo [Buffalo Niagara Intl], NY, US
BWI FAA Baltimore [Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall Airport], MD, US
CLE FAA Cleveland [Cleveland-Hopkins Intl], OH, US
CMH FAA Columbus [John Glenn Columbus Intl], OH, US
DCA FAA Washington [Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport], DC, US
IAD FAA Washington [Washington Dulles Intl], DC, US
PHL FAA Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US
PIT FAA Pittsburgh [Intl], PA, US
RIC FAA Richmond [Intl], VA, US
ROC FAA Rochester [Greater Rochester Intl], NY, US
SYR FAA Syracuse [Syracuse Hancock Intl], NY, US
YUL AIP Montréal [Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (Dorval)], QC, CA
YYZ AIP Toronto [Lester B. Pearson Intl], ON, CA
BGR FAA Bangor [Intl], ME, US
BTV FAA Burlington [Intl], VT, US
DAY FAA Dayton [James M Cox Dayton Intl], OH, US
GSP FAA Greer [Greenville Spartanburg Intl], SC, US
MHT FAA Manchester, NH, US
ORF FAA Norfolk [Intl], VA, US
PWM FAA Portland [Intl Jetport], ME, US
CVG FAA Covington [Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl], KY, US
ERI FAA Erie [Intl/Tom Ridge Field], PA, US
IND FAA Indianapolis [Intl], IN, US
MDT FAA Harrisburg [Intl], PA, US
SDF FAA Louisville [Intl-Standiford Field], KY, US
MSP FAA Minneapolis [Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain], MN, US
FAR FAA Fargo [Hector Intl], ND, US
BOS FAA Boston [General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl], MA, US
MEM FAA Memphis [Intl], TN, US

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