Great Circle Mapper

From To Initial
Total: 175,347 mi
Average: 1,038 mi
CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 026026.0°(NE) 028028.4°(NE) 1,547 mi
FCA (48°18'38"N 114°15'22"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 194193.7°(S) 180180.5°(S) 1,014 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) FAT (36°46'36"N 119°43'08"W) 260260.2°(W) 253252.5°(W) 844 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) TUL (36°11'54"N 95°53'17"W) 115115.0°(SE) 107107.4°(E) 541 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) 319318.9°(NW) 311311.3°(NW) 679 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) FCA (48°18'38"N 114°15'22"W) 324324.0°(NW) 316316.3°(NW) 752 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) 226226.3°(SW) 224224.3°(SW) 891 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) GRR (42°52'51"N 85°31'22"W) 288288.2°(W) 301300.7°(NW) 605 mi
ABQ (35°02'20"N 106°36'30"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 017017.2°(N) 009009.1°(N) 349 mi
BUR (34°12'02"N 118°21'31"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 059058.7°(NE) 047047.0°(NE) 850 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) 006005.8°(N) 004003.8°(N) 1,034 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 206206.4°(SW) 219218.9°(SW) 1,068 mi
BZE (17°32'21"N 88°18'30"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 331330.8°(NW) 332331.9°(NW) 1,824 mi
BIS (46°46'22"N 100°44'45"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 204203.9°(SW) 198198.2°(S) 516 mi
BOI (43°33'52"N 116°13'22"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 191190.8°(S) 178177.8°(S) 674 mi
BDL (41°56'21"N 72°41'04"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 276275.9°(W) 289289.4°(W) 1,671 mi
AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 057056.8°(NE) 054053.5°(NE) 1,297 mi
BNA (36°07'28"N 86°40'41"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 066066.2°(NE) 070070.3°(E) 542 mi
BTV (44°28'19"N 73°09'12"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 270269.9°(W) 284283.8°(W) 1,639 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 088088.4°(E) 081080.8°(E) 1,553 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) HSV (34°38'14"N 86°46'30"W) 104104.5°(E) 097096.8°(E) 1,048 mi
ATW (44°15'29"N 88°31'09"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 255255.5°(W) 259259.2°(W) 883 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 211211.1°(SW) 224223.6°(SW) 997 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) 109109.4°(E) 102101.7°(E) 1,447 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) 182181.7°(S) 174174.0°(S) 1,322 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SDF (38°10'27"N 85°44'11"W) 090090.5°(E) 083082.8°(E) 1,024 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SYR (43°06'40"N 76°06'23"W) 072072.0°(E) 064064.4°(NE) 1,492 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) SJD (23°09'07"N 109°43'16"W) 246245.5°(SW) 244243.5°(SW) 1,006 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PIT (40°29'29"N 80°13'58"W) 080080.2°(E) 073072.5°(E) 1,290 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 075075.1°(E) 067067.5°(NE) 888 mi
IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) SRQ (27°23'44"N 82°33'16"W) 202201.8°(S) 212212.3°(SW) 849 mi
IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) 204203.7°(SW) 214214.2°(SW) 630 mi
EUG (44°07'28"N 123°12'43"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 158158.2°(S) 144143.5°(SE) 748 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) GJT (39°07'21"N 108°31'36"W) 257257.3°(W) 250249.7°(W) 212 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) MFR (42°22'30"N 122°52'24"W) 339338.7°(N) 327327.0°(NW) 630 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) SAV (32°07'39"N 81°12'08"W) 216215.7°(SW) 228228.3°(SW) 708 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SJD (23°09'07"N 109°43'16"W) 196195.9°(S) 188188.3°(S) 1,189 mi
PIT (40°29'29"N 80°13'58"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 186185.7°(S) 195194.8°(S) 966 mi
CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 075075.2°(E) 081081.0°(E) 569 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) DRO (37°09'06"N 107°45'14"W) 223222.7°(SW) 215215.1°(SW) 251 mi
CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 277276.6°(W) 284283.8°(W) 1,154 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 125125.0°(SE) 125125.0°(SE) 334 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) OKC (35°23'35"N 97°36'03"W) 126126.3°(SE) 119118.6°(SE) 495 mi
GUA (14°35'00"N 90°31'39"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 345344.6°(N) 344344.1°(N) 1,103 mi
ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 288288.4°(W) 294293.7°(NW) 2,139 mi
CMH (39°59'49"N 82°53'32"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 176175.6°(S) 183182.9°(S) 930 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MKE (42°56'49"N 87°53'49"W) 071070.8°(E) 063063.2°(NE) 896 mi
BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 292291.7°(W) 303302.7°(NW) 622 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 258257.9°(W) 262261.8°(W) 1,723 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) MTY (25°46'43"N 100°06'25"W) 226226.3°(SW) 224224.3°(SW) 411 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 268268.0°(W) 281280.5°(W) 644 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) PIT (40°29'29"N 80°13'58"W) 269269.5°(W) 282282.0°(W) 319 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) GRR (42°52'51"N 85°31'22"W) 072071.9°(E) 064064.3°(NE) 1,015 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) LIT (34°43'46"N 92°13'29"W) 113113.4°(SE) 106105.8°(E) 771 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) FSD (43°34'55"N 96°44'31"W) 055055.4°(NE) 048047.7°(NE) 484 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MEM (35°02'33"N 89°58'36"W) 108107.8°(E) 100100.1°(E) 872 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) ELP (31°48'26"N 106°22'35"W) 190190.3°(S) 183182.6°(S) 563 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) FAR (46°55'14"N 96°48'57"W) 036036.4°(NE) 029028.8°(NE) 627 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) XNA (36°16'54"N 94°18'28"W) 110110.3°(E) 103102.7°(E) 616 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 284284.0°(W) 282282.0°(W) 1,303 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) OMA (41°18'11"N 95°53'39"W) 075075.0°(E) 067067.4°(NE) 472 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PNS (30°28'24"N 87°11'12"W) 118117.9°(SE) 110110.2°(E) 1,179 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) SAL (13°26'27"N 89°03'21"W) 159159.2°(S) 157157.2°(SE) 1,207 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) 270270.3°(W) 263262.7°(W) 909 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) SLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) 035034.9°(NE) 023023.3°(NE) 590 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) DSM (41°32'02"N 93°39'47"W) 075075.2°(E) 068067.5°(E) 589 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MSN (43°08'24"N 89°20'15"W) 069069.1°(E) 061061.5°(NE) 826 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) SAP (15°27'07"N 87°55'27"W) 153153.1°(SE) 151151.1°(SE) 1,106 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) 293293.0°(NW) 306305.5°(NW) 1,008 mi
CID (41°53'05"N 91°42'39"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 263262.7°(W) 264263.6°(W) 692 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SAT (29°32'02"N 98°28'09"W) 152151.8°(SE) 144144.1°(SE) 794 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MCI (39°17'51"N 94°42'50"W) 091091.0°(E) 083083.4°(E) 533 mi
BNA (36°07'28"N 86°40'41"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 290290.2°(W) 294294.3°(NW) 1,013 mi
DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 290290.0°(W) 287287.0°(W) 1,464 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 274273.6°(W) 286286.2°(W) 2,454 mi
AVL (35°26'10"N 82°32'31"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 049049.0°(NE) 056055.9°(NE) 583 mi
PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 299299.2°(NW) 289289.4°(W) 651 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 125125.4°(SE) 118117.8°(SE) 1,062 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) TYS (35°48'40"N 83°59'39"W) 097097.3°(E) 090089.7°(E) 1,162 mi
ONT (34°03'22"N 117°36'04"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 314313.9°(NW) 302302.4°(NW) 363 mi
MKE (42°56'49"N 87°53'49"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 161161.0°(S) 165165.0°(S) 1,183 mi
MYR (33°40'47"N 78°55'42"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 322322.0°(NW) 331330.9°(NW) 753 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 254253.8°(W) 258257.6°(W) 1,440 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) 193193.4°(S) 202201.6°(S) 1,434 mi
BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 281280.8°(W) 292291.8°(W) 1,491 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) 085084.7°(E) 077077.0°(E) 976 mi
AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 331331.2°(NW) 328327.8°(NW) 775 mi
BNA (36°07'28"N 86°40'41"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 061061.3°(NE) 065065.4°(NE) 748 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) SJD (23°09'07"N 109°43'16"W) 142142.4°(SE) 131130.8°(SE) 911 mi
AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 287287.4°(W) 284284.1°(W) 1,242 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) 135135.2°(SE) 124123.6°(SE) 1,218 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) 075074.8°(E) 067067.1°(NE) 1,123 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 246246.0°(SW) 238238.4°(SW) 862 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) PUJ (18°34'15"N 68°21'58"W) 139138.6°(SE) 142142.4°(SE) 1,981 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 089088.6°(E) 087086.6°(E) 305 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 307306.6°(NW) 299298.9°(NW) 1,024 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 268267.5°(W) 276275.7°(W) 2,052 mi
BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 245244.8°(SW) 256255.8°(W) 1,235 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 118117.9°(SE) 110110.2°(E) 1,607 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 097097.0°(E) 095095.0°(E) 787 mi
MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 008008.4°(N) 010009.5°(N) 837 mi
BWI (39°10'33"N 76°40'08"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 274274.4°(W) 285285.4°(W) 2,329 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 160160.0°(S) 173172.6°(S) 1,608 mi
DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 036036.0°(NE) 033033.0°(NE) 802 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 025024.6°(NE) 023022.6°(NE) 925 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 116116.1°(SE) 109108.5°(E) 1,506 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) PHL (39°52'20"N 75°14'26"W) 054053.6°(NE) 052051.6°(NE) 1,325 mi
IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 163162.5°(S) 167167.3°(S) 945 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) XPL (14°22'57"N 87°37'16"W) 154153.7°(SE) 152151.7°(SE) 1,181 mi
AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 055054.8°(NE) 052051.5°(NE) 1,504 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 236235.9°(SW) 248248.4°(W) 1,167 mi
DTW (42°12'45"N 83°21'12"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 222222.2°(SW) 230229.5°(SW) 1,075 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 135134.8°(SE) 139138.7°(SE) 2,072 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 261261.4°(W) 270269.6°(W) 1,737 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 272272.5°(W) 281280.7°(W) 1,201 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) STL (38°44'55"N 90°22'12"W) 091091.1°(E) 084083.5°(E) 770 mi
ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 343342.7°(N) 348348.1°(N) 606 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 104103.8°(E) 102101.8°(E) 964 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 201200.8°(S) 213213.4°(SW) 1,085 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 291290.9°(W) 299298.8°(NW) 1,337 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) 093092.8°(E) 085085.1°(E) 1,436 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PDX (45°35'19"N 122°35'49"W) 299299.4°(NW) 292291.7°(W) 991 mi
MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 341340.6°(N) 348347.6°(N) 1,197 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 116116.4°(SE) 109108.8°(E) 1,703 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 161160.9°(S) 165164.7°(S) 1,012 mi
MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 262261.9°(W) 262261.9°(W) 1,589 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PHL (39°52'20"N 75°14'26"W) 080080.4°(E) 073072.8°(E) 1,558 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 245244.8°(SW) 257257.4°(W) 1,400 mi
ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 252251.5°(W) 257256.9°(W) 689 mi
ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 160159.9°(S) 164163.7°(S) 1,120 mi
CVG (39°02'56"N 84°40'04"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 279279.4°(W) 285285.2°(W) 1,069 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 275275.3°(W) 288287.9°(W) 2,227 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) ONT (34°03'22"N 117°36'04"W) 245244.8°(SW) 237237.1°(SW) 819 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SNA (33°40'32"N 117°52'06"W) 244243.9°(SW) 236236.2°(SW) 846 mi
ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 297296.8°(NW) 302302.2°(NW) 1,199 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) MYR (33°40'47"N 78°55'42"W) 210210.0°(SW) 223222.5°(SW) 550 mi
CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 321321.1°(NW) 323323.5°(NW) 811 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 174174.2°(S) 182182.4°(S) 1,062 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 266266.5°(W) 259258.8°(W) 967 mi
FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 290289.7°(W) 297296.8°(NW) 966 mi
ATL (33°38'12"N 84°25'40"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 046046.3°(NE) 052051.7°(NE) 746 mi
CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 358357.8°(N) 000000.2°(N) 1,444 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) 117117.1°(SE) 110109.5°(E) 1,709 mi
CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 325324.9°(NW) 327327.3°(NW) 1,669 mi
LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 287287.0°(W) 276275.7°(W) 414 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 139139.3°(SE) 132131.7°(SE) 862 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MSP (44°52'55"N 93°13'18"W) 056055.6°(NE) 048048.0°(NE) 680 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 239238.7°(SW) 231231.1°(SW) 853 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) 136136.1°(SE) 128128.5°(SE) 641 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 113113.4°(SE) 106105.8°(E) 1,546 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 269269.4°(W) 278277.6°(W) 1,824 mi
LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 232232.4°(SW) 221221.1°(SW) 236 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 062062.5°(NE) 051050.8°(NE) 1,744 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) SLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) 282281.8°(W) 274274.1°(W) 391 mi
IND (39°43'02"N 86°17'41"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 158158.4°(S) 163163.2°(S) 829 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 225224.9°(SW) 217217.2°(SW) 602 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) RSW (26°32'10"N 81°45'19"W) 180179.7°(S) 188187.9°(S) 1,025 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 287287.4°(W) 285285.4°(W) 1,379 mi
FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 340340.0°(N) 347347.1°(N) 1,182 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) 183182.6°(S) 191190.8°(S) 927 mi
DCA (38°51'05"N 77°02'16"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 282281.5°(W) 292292.2°(W) 1,476 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 340340.1°(N) 347346.8°(N) 1,005 mi
LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 066066.1°(NE) 055054.8°(NE) 1,514 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 094093.7°(E) 092091.7°(E) 854 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 201200.7°(S) 213213.2°(SW) 1,065 mi
EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 208207.8°(SW) 220220.4°(SW) 937 mi
IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 295295.3°(NW) 293293.3°(NW) 1,222 mi
CLE (41°24'34"N 81°51'17"W) MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) 178177.9°(S) 186186.1°(S) 895 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 249248.8°(W) 241241.1°(SW) 628 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
TYR FAA Tyler [Tyler Pounds Regional], TX, US
CUN DAFIF Cancún [Cancún Intl], ROO, MX
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
FCA FAA Kalispell [Glacier Park Intl], MT, US
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
DEN FAA Denver [Intl], CO, US
FAT FAA Fresno [Fresno Yosemite Intl], CA, US
TUL FAA Tulsa [Intl], OK, US
MSO FAA Missoula [Missoula Montana Airport], MT, US
IAH FAA Houston [George Bush Intercontinental Airport], TX, US
PVR DAFIF Puerto Vallarta [Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Intl], JAL, MX
GRR FAA Grand Rapids [Gerald R Ford Intl], MI, US
ABQ FAA Albuquerque [Intl Sunport], NM, US
BUR FAA Burbank [Bob Hope Airport], CA, US
MSP FAA Minneapolis [Minneapolis-St. Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain], MN, US
RSW FAA Fort Myers [Southwest Florida Intl], FL, US
BZE DAFIF Belize City [Philip S.W. Goldson Intl], BZ, BZ
BIS FAA Bismarck [Muni], ND, US
BOI FAA Boise [Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field], ID, US
BDL FAA Hartford/Springfield (Windsor Locks) [Bradley Intl], CT, US
AUS FAA Austin [Austin-Bergstrom Intl], TX, US
IAD FAA Washington [Washington Dulles Intl], DC, US
BNA FAA Nashville [Intl], TN, US
BTV FAA Burlington [Intl], VT, US
ORF FAA Norfolk [Intl], VA, US
HSV FAA Huntsville [Intl-Carl T Jones Field], AL, US
ATW FAA Appleton [Intl], WI, US
TPA FAA Tampa [Intl], FL, US
JAX FAA Jacksonville [Intl], FL, US
SDF FAA Louisville [Louisville Muhammad Ali Intl (Standiford Field)], KY, US
SYR FAA Syracuse [Syracuse Hancock Intl], NY, US
SJD DAFIF Los Cabos (San José del Cabo) [Intl], BCS, MX
PIT FAA Pittsburgh [Intl], PA, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O'Hare Intl], IL, US
SRQ FAA Sarasota/Bradenton [Intl], FL, US
EUG FAA Eugene [Mahlon Sweet Field], OR, US
GJT FAA Grand Junction [Grand Junction Regional (Walker Field)], CO, US
MFR FAA Medford [Rogue Valley Intl - Medford], OR, US
SAV FAA Savannah [Savannah/Hilton Head Intl], GA, US
CVG FAA Covington [Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Intl], KY, US
DRO FAA Durango [Durango-La Plata County Airport], CO, US
CMH FAA Columbus [John Glenn Columbus Intl], OH, US
OKC FAA Oklahoma City [Will Rogers World Airport], OK, US
GUA DAFIF Guatemala City [La Aurora Intl], GU, GT
ATL FAA Atlanta [Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl], GA, US
SFO FAA San Francisco [Intl], CA, US
MKE FAA Milwaukee [General Mitchell Intl], WI, US
BWI FAA Baltimore [Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall Airport], MD, US
SAN FAA San Diego [Intl], CA, US
MTY DAFIF Monterrey [General Mariano Escobedo Intl], NLE, MX
IND FAA Indianapolis [Intl], IN, US
LIT FAA Little Rock [Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field], AR, US
FSD FAA Sioux Falls [Joe Foss Field], SD, US
MEM FAA Memphis [Intl], TN, US
ELP FAA El Paso [Intl], TX, US
FAR FAA Fargo [Hector Intl], ND, US
XNA FAA Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers [Northwest Arkansas NTL Airport], AR, US
OMA FAA Omaha [Eppley Airfield], NE, US
PNS FAA Pensacola [Intl], FL, US
SAL DAFIF San Salvador [Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez Intl (Cuscatlán Intl, Comalapa Intl)], PA, SV
SMF FAA Sacramento [Intl], CA, US
SLC FAA Salt Lake City [Intl], UT, US
DSM FAA Des Moines [Intl], IA, US
MSN FAA Madison [Dane County Regional/Truax Field], WI, US
SAP AIP San Pedro Sula (La Lima) [Ramón Villeda Morales Intl (La Mesa Intl)], CR, HN
CID FAA Cedar Rapids [The Eastern Iowa Airport], IA, US
SAT FAA San Antonio [Intl], TX, US
MCI FAA Kansas City [Intl], MO, US
DFW FAA Dallas-Fort Worth [Intl], TX, US
AVL FAA Asheville [Asheville Regional], NC, US
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
MSY FAA New Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US
TYS FAA Knoxville [McGhee Tyson Airport], TN, US
ONT FAA Ontario [Intl], CA, US
MYR FAA Myrtle Beach [Intl], SC, US
CLE FAA Cleveland [Cleveland-Hopkins Intl], OH, US
DTW FAA Detroit (Romulus) [Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport], MI, US
PUJ AIP Punta Cana (Higüey) [Punta Cana Intl], 11, DO
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
SJU FAA San Juan [Luis Muñoz Marín Intl (Isla Verde Intl)], PR, US
PHL FAA Philadelphia [Intl], PA, US
XPL DAFIF Comayagua [Coronel Enrique Soto Cano AB (Palmerola AB)], CM, HN
STL FAA St. Louis [St. Louis Lambert Intl], MO, US
MIA FAA Miami [Intl], FL, US
CLT FAA Charlotte [Charlotte/Douglas Intl], NC, US
RDU FAA Raleigh/Durham [Raleigh-Durham Intl], NC, US
PDX FAA Portland [Intl], OR, US
FLL FAA Fort Lauderdale [Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl], FL, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [Harry Reid Intl (McCarran Intl)], NV, US
SNA FAA Santa Ana [John Wayne/Orange County Airport], CA, US
MCO FAA Orlando [Intl], FL, US
DCA FAA Washington [Ronald Reagan Washington NTL Airport], DC, US

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