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Code Source Location
ABY FAA Albany [Southwest Georgia Regional], GA, US
ACT FAA Waco [Waco Regional], TX, US
AZO FAA Kalamazoo [Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Intl], MI, US
CLL FAA College Station [Easterwood Field], TX, US
CLM FAA Port Angeles [William R Fairchild Intl], WA, US
CSG FAA Columbus, GA, US
CWA FAA Mosinee [Central Wisconsin Airport], WI, US
CYS FAA Cheyenne [Cheyenne Regional/Jerry Olson Field], WY, US
DBQ FAA Dubuque [Dubuque Regional], IA, US
DHN FAA Dothan [Dothan Regional], AL, US
DRT FAA Del Rio [Intl], TX, US
EKO FAA Elko [Elko Regional], NV, US
ELY FAA Ely [Ely/Yelland Field], NV, US
FLG FAA Flagstaff [Flagstaff Pulliam Airport], AZ, US
FLO FAA Florence [Florence Regional], SC, US
FMN FAA Farmington [Four Corners Regional], NM, US
FNL FAA Fort Collins/Loveland [Northern Colorado Regional], CO, US
FOE FAA Topeka [Topeka Regional], KS, US
FSM FAA Fort Smith [Fort Smith Regional], AR, US
GCC FAA Gillette [Northeast Wyoming Regional], WY, US
GGG FAA Longview [East Texas Regional], TX, US
GTR FAA Columbus/West Point/Starkville [Golden Triangle Regional], MS, US
HHH FAA Hilton Head Island [Hilton Head Airport], SC, US
HVN FAA New Haven [Tweed-New Haven Airport], CT, US
HYA FAA Hyannis [Cape Cod Gateway Airport], MA, US
IPL FAA Imperial [Imperial County Airport], CA, US
IPT FAA Williamsport [Williamsport Regional], PA, US
IYK FAA Inyokern, CA, US
JQF FAA Concord [Concord-Padgett Regional], NC, US
LAM FAA Los Alamos, NM, US
LAW FAA Lawton [Lawton-Fort Sill Regional], OK, US
LCH FAA Lake Charles [Lake Charles Regional], LA, US
LMT FAA Klamath Falls [Crater Lake-Klamath Regional], OR, US
LSE FAA La Crosse [La Crosse Regional], WI, US
LWT FAA Lewistown [Muni], MT, US
LYH FAA Lynchburg [Lynchburg Regional/Preston Glenn Field], VA, US
MLS FAA Miles City [Frank Wiley Field], MT, US
MOD FAA Modesto [Modesto City-County-Harry Sham Field], CA, US
MQT FAA Marquette [Sawyer Intl], MI, US
ORH FAA Worcester [Worcester Regional], MA, US
PGV FAA Greenville [Pitt-Greenville Airport], NC, US
PIH FAA Pocatello [Pocatello Regional], ID, US
PSM FAA Portsmouth [Pease Intl], NH, US
PVC FAA Provincetown [Muni], MA, US
RIW FAA Riverton [Central Wyoming Regional], WY, US
RKS FAA Rock Springs [Southwest Wyoming Regional], WY, US
SBY FAA Salisbury [Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional], MD, US
SHR FAA Sheridan [Sheridan County Airport], WY, US
SPS FAA Wichita Falls [Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls Muni], TX, US
TEX FAA Telluride [Telluride Regional], CO, US
TWF FAA Twin Falls [Joslin Field/Magic Valley Regional], ID, US
TXK FAA Texarkana [Texarkana Regional-Webb Field], AR, US
TYR FAA Tyler [Tyler Pounds Regional], TX, US
VLD FAA Valdosta [Valdosta Regional], GA, US

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