Featured Map for 30 August 2023:
Hurricane Idalia Versus Tampa


Although Hurricane Idalia's path is west of Florida's peninsula, that's not good news since the hurricane gains energy over the waters of the Gulf of México, which means the most energetic parts of the hurricane are to the east of its path. That puts Tampa International Airport squarely in the hurricane's wrath. In response, the airport closed to commercial operations beginning at 12:01 am Tuesday.

After the closure on Tuesday, Southwest operated five ferry flights to Chicago Midway and Dallas Love Field (two flights to each) and to Atlanta and Houston Hobby.

A bit later in the day, freight dogs operated five flights out of Tampa: Atlas flew to Cincinnati, UPS flew to Louisville and Philadelphia, and FedEx Express flew to Memphis and Indianapolis. The last departures appear to have been medevac Lear Jets, escaping to Ft. Lauderdale plus one to Grand Turk. (A few helicopter flights departed TPA but returned, hopefully to secure hangars.)

Today's Featured Map shows Tuesday's flights to escape Tampa ahead of the hurricane.

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