Featured Map for 29 January 2023:
flybe Fails (Again)


British regional airline flybe failed for the second time in three years on Saturday (28 January 2023). The airline traces its roots back to 1979 when it launched as Jersey European Airways, based at Jersey. By 2000 it had become the UK's third-largest airline and changed its name to British European. It changed name again, to flybe, in 2002. Struggling from a drop in demand due to the coronavirus outbreak, the airline ceased operations on 4 March 2020.

The airline was resurrected as a much smaller carrier with funding from U.S. hedge fund Cyrus Capital and began operations on 13 April 2022, headquartered at Birmingham but with operations based at George Best Belfast City Airport. The revived carrier grew to a fleet of eight Bombardier (De Havilland Canada) DHC-8-400 aircraft.

Today's Featured Map show's the revived flybe's network immediately prior to this month's failure.

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