Featured Map for 9 December 2020:
Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu to Austin, Ontario, and Orlando


Yesterday, Hawaiian Airines announced three new non-stop routes from Honolulu. The two longest routes will be flown twice weekly with Airbus A330 aircraft. Service to Orlando will start on 11 March 2021. A layover of over 25 hours which will allow a single crew to operate both directions, reducing layover costs. Although it seems wasteful to park an A330 for so long, depressed demand means the aircraft would be parked somewhere regardless.

Austin will start on 21 April 2021, with a 12-hour layover, just enough for crew rest. Unlike other flights deeper into the continent than the West Coast, the eastbound flight will be a daytime flight and not a red-eye.

The third new route will be to Ontario, with 5x-weekly service using Airbus A321neo aircraft starting 16 March 2021.

In addition to the new Honolulu routes, Hawaiian announced service from Maui to Long Beach starting 9 March 2021. This daily service, also using the A321neo, will complement existing non-stops from Honolulu to Long Beach.

Today's Featured Map shows the four new routes, with the A330 routes in purple and the A321neo routes in orange. It's nice to see some positive news in the airline world!

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