Featured Map for 25 January 2020:
Boeing 777X First Flight


The Boeing 777X made its first flight today after several days of delays due to poor weather. These day-by-day delays came on top of delay from last summer due to durability problems with the stator vanes in the aircraft's GE9X engines.

Today's maiden flight, using the larger 777-9 version of the 777X, departed Paine Field in Everett, site of the 777 final assembly, at 10 am and landed exactly four hours later at Boeing Field, the base for Boeing's flight-test efforts. After departing to the north the flight turned east towards Spokane, then turned back and spent most of its time north of Moses Lake, another airport often used by Boeing for flight testing.

Boeing is reportedly negotiating to conduct a substantial portion of the 777X test flying at Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark in Burns Flat, Oklahoma, though at least some of the flight testing will be based on Seattle's Boeing Field.

Today's Featured Map shows the path of today's test flight.

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