Featured Map for 5 December 2019:
Rare Birds: Bombardier CRJ1000


Bombardier's CRJ1000 is the largest member of the CRJ Series, seating up to 104 passengers and with a MGTOW of 91,800 lbs. Scope clauses in the pilot contracts of many airlines, especially in the United States, have precluded broader sales of the CRJ1000 and just 63 examples of the aircraft have been produced of which 61 were delivered to six customers, four of which have more than one aircraft and operated them in regular, scheduled service.

A report in Smart Aviation Asia-Pacific last week indicated that Garuda Indonesia, the second-largest operator of the CRJ1000 (with 18 examples) and the only one outside Europe and West Africa, is actively seeking buyers for its CRJ1000 fleet.

Today's Featured Map shows where the CRJ1000 regularly flies:

Two other CRJ1000 operators have just one aircraft each and are not shown. Financially struggling Arik Air, based in Nigeria, does not appear to fly their CRJ1000 on a regular basis. Hibernian Airlines, an Irish-flagged subsidiary of Air Nostrum, operates their CRJ1000 on wet-leases rather than on a regular schedule.

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