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Featured Map for 24 September 2019:
Thomas Cook Repatriation Flights


The failure of Thomas Cook grounded the fleet of Thomas Cook Airlines, consisting of 27 Airbus A321 aircraft and seven A330-200 aircraft, and left many travelers stranded. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has organized a series of repatriation flights to bring travelers back to the UK using a mix of charters operated on behalf of the CAA and existing flights on other airlines.

Today's Featured Map shows the repatriation flights being operated today by at least 14 carriers. (There may be more as some listed as being operated by Titan appear to have been sub-contracted; these are shown as Titan flights.) Routes are color-coded by operator:

Thanks to Brett, the Cranky Flier, for compiling the data! There's more discussion of the shutdown on the Cranky Flier.

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