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Featured Map for 4 September 2019:
American's Super 80 Farewell


Today American Airlines says farewell to the Super 80, affectionately known as the Mad Dog and officially designatred the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-80 (MD-80). American announced schedule for their last 26 MD-80 aircraft in June, showing 22 flights including 17 today. Six aircraft retired yesterday and today's operating plan has 20 aircraft flying 34 flights.

N984TW, the very last MD-80 built and delivered to TWA on 1 December 1999, is spending the night in New Orléans and will fly to Dallas-Fort Worth in the morning before operating American's final MD-80 flight, appropriate designated AA 80, to Chicago O'Hare.

After completing their final revenue flight each aircraft will fly a ferry flight to Roswell, most from DFW except for one each from Chicago, TWA's former St. Louis hub, and American's Tulsa maintenance base.

Today's Featured Map shows the final revenue flights from the June plan, with AA 80 in red and yesterday's last flights in grey, plus the airplanes' final resting place in Roswell.

AA 80 boarding pass

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