Featured Map for 15 August 2019:
Boeing 737-200s Still Flying


Yesterday marked five months without any revenue operations of the Boeing 737 MAX. The previous day, 14 March 2019, the FAA issued a ground stop effective 10:30 am that grounded the aircraft upon completion of any flights in progress. Only ferry and test flights of the 737 MAX have occurred since then.

Although the 387 fourth-generation 737s already delivered to customers remain grounded, 89 examples of the first-generation 737 are still active according to Planespotters.net. 85 are 737-200 Advanced versions, including a U.S. Air Force NT-43A, and four are early 737-200 models. None of the 30 737-100s built are still in service. 20 of the active aircraft belong to the militaries of eight countries, and of the 69 non-military aircraft FlightAware shows only 16 operating since the start of August. (This list may be incomplete since some aircraft might operate outside FlightAware's coverage area or otherwise might not be tracked.)

Nine of the active aircraft are registered in Canada:

The other seven are split between the United States and Venezuela:

Today's Featured Map shows recent 737-200 flying based on FlightAware data, other than one-time routes and the two private operators. In Canada, Nolinor is shown in navy and Air Inuit in red. (Chrono Aviation flew just one one-stop charter which isn't depicted.) Transair's occasional flights to Tainan, Taiwan via Guam are cropped to focus on the bulk of the operations.

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