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Featured Map for 4 July 2019:
Football Fan Flights


The United States celebrates Independence Day today, the 243rd anniversary of the country's Declaration of Independence from Britain, or as American's oddly refer to the holiday, the 4th of July. This year there are debates about whether tanks and other displays of military might are appropriate symbols of the country. One symbol which is undeniably American is college football, even if it isn't often associated with this national holiday.

Airlines operate many charter flights to transport sports teams—and less often fan charters, especially for bowl games. Sometimes they also add extra scheduled flights, or upgauge existing flights, to handle fans going to and from the game. For the upcoming college football season, United has added nine special non-stop round-trips to help fans get to and from out-of-town college games. All of the games are on a Saturday; the extra flights operate Friday outbound and Sunday return with just a couple of exceptions.
Away TeamHost TeamRouteAircraftNote
Aug 31OregonAT&T Stadium
(Arlington, TX)
Sep 7Louisiana StateTexas-AustinBTR-AUS737-900
Sep 14AlabamaSouth CarolinaBHM-CAEERJThu-Sun
Sep 21Notre DameGeorgiaSBN-ATLE175
Sep 28Ohio StateNebraska-LincolnCMH-LNKE175
Oct 12AlabamaTexas A&MBHM-CLL737-900
Oct 12Southern CaliforniaNotre DameLAX-SBN737-900
Oct 26WisconsinOhio StateMSN-CMH737-900
Nov 9Notre DameDukeSBN-RDUE175

Today's Featured Map shows these nine routes in red, with green rings marking the game location. The first game is an away game for both teams; United is not offering a flight for Auburn Tiger fans since Auburn University Regional Airport only supports general aviation (GA) flying but the route is shown in grey.

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