Featured Map for 4 March 2019:
Southwest Announces Hawaiian Service


Southwest Airlines has finally announced their long-awaited service to and within Hawaii, starting 17 March with one daily round trip between Oakland and Honolulu. A second flight will be added on the route one week later. In April, Southwest will add service from Oakland to Kahalui, Maui, again starting with one daily flight and then ramping to two. Later in April, Southwest will start 4x daily interisland service between Honolulu and Kahului.

Southwest will start May with a daily flight from San Josť to Honolulu. On 12 May, Southwest will add service to Kona from Honolulu with 4x daily like the other interisland service. Two weeks after that, Southwest will add a daily trip between San Josť and Kahului.

Today's Featured Map shows these initial routes, along with the three other airports which Southwest has announced as part of its Hawaiian service.


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