Featured Map for 9 January 2019:
TSA Screening Partnership Program (SPP) Airports


The partial shutdown of the United States Government due to the impasse over the federal budget, now entering its third week, is beginning to impact travelers as TSA agents are increasingly calling in sick. Approximately 10,000 TSA agents and 51,000 FAA air traffic controllers are deemed essential and have been told to continue working but will miss their first paycheck on Friday if the shutdown has not been resolved by then. (Once the budget shutdown has been resolved they will be compensated for any missed pay.)

Meanwhile, 22 airports participate in the Screening Partnership Program (SPP), which allows airports to contract security screening services to private companies. The busiest of these airports, San Francisco International Airport, reports that their security screeners, employees of Covenant Aviation Security, are being paid. The same is likely true at the other SPP airports since their screeners are not federal employees.

Today's Featured Map shows the 22 airports that use contract security screening services in lieu of TSA:

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