Featured Map for 17 December 2018:
Ethiopian Non-Stop LAX to Africa


Los Angeles and Africa will be connected via non-stop flights starting today. Ethiopian Airlines has been serving LAX from their hub at Addis Ababa using a Boeing 787-8 Dreamiliner via a technical stop at Dublin, which is nearly on the great circle path. The flight will now stop at Lomé, Togo in West Africa. Although this change adds about 12% to the distance (ignoring winds), Lomé is the hub for ASKY Airlines in which Ethiopian holds a 40% interest. Connections in Togo will be more convenient for passengers from the western United States traveling to much of Africa. The new flights will depart Lomé and Los Angeles on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

To continue serving Dublin, Ethiopian added thrice-weekly tag from Madrid starting two days ago. (Ethiopian also stops at Dublin on the way to Toronto, Washington, and Chicago, but these stops are only westbound.)

Today's Featured Map shows Ethiopian's new LAX service in green with the new Dublin routing in red. The previous LAX routing via Dublin is shown in grey along with the great-circle path and the three airports served via a westbound-only technical stop in Dublin.

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