Featured Map for 16 November 2018:
Fire Fighter Friday: Global SuperTanker and 10 Tanker Versus the Camp Fire


The Camp Fire, centered near Paradise, California, approximately 79 mi (127 km) north of Sacramento, is the deadlist wildfire in California history. As of Thursday evening, there were 63 civilian fatalities with another 631 people missing. 141,000 acres have burned, destroying nearly 10,000 structures; the fire is 40% containted.

Various firefighting resources have been deployed against this fire including the largest aerial firefighting tanker, the Global SuperTanker (a modified Boeing 747-400), and a 10 Tanker, one of four tankers based on the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10. These aircraft each flew 4-5 sorties per day through Tuesday from a base at McClellan Airfield in Sacramento.

Today's Featured Map shows the last sortie of each of these aircraft last Sunday. The Global SuperTanker's flight (blue) was typical of the missions flown by the two aircraft on Sunday but the 10 Tanker's last flight (orange) deviated from the pattern, focusing on an area farther south of the earlier missions.

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