Featured Map for 13 October 2018:
Singapore Airlines Resumes Singapore to Newark Non-Stop


Singapore Airlines just completed the first round-trip of their renewed Singapore to Newark (New York) non-stop, the longest non-stop airline route at 8,285 nm. Singapore Airlines last flew this route in October 2012 with Airbus A340-500 aircraft seating just 100 passengers, all in Business Class. The new flights use the Airbus A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range) with 161 seats, including 67 Business Class seats and 94 Premium Economy Class seats. The first of these aircraft was delivered 2.5 weeks ago; the flights will operate thrice-weekly until 18 October 2018 when delivery of a second aircraft will allow the start of daily operations.

Delivery of the remainder of Singapore Airlines' order for seven A350-900ULRs will enable the resumption of non-stops to Los Angeles on 2 November 2018 (a route which United is dropping at the end of this month in favor of twice-daily SFO-SIN service), and an expansion of the current daily service to San Francisco (which uses standard A350-900 aircraft).

Today's Featured Map shows the path of this first round trip, along with the most northerly point on each flight path, plus the great circle path and the Arctic Circle in red. SQ 22 departed Singapore just before midnight Thursday and rode tailwinds to the east, gradually tracking somewhat north but never crossing into the Arctic region. In contrast, yesterday's return from Newark as SQ 21 followed the great circle route quite closely, flying nearly due north and within 125 nm of the north pole before continuing south to Singapore.

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