Featured Map for 15 September 2018:
Hawaiian to Boston: Longest Domestic-U.S. Flight


On Thursday, Hawaiian Airlines announced non-stop service between Honolulu and Boston. The five-times-weekly flight will start on 4 April 2019 using 278-seat Airbus A330 aircraft. Hawaiian claims this 5,095-mile (8,199-km) route will be the longest regularly scheduled domestic route in U.S. history.

Today's Featured Map shows Hawaiian's new route with areas farther from Honolulu shaded. Only a few airports in northeastern New England are farther, but the only commericial airport in that area which could handle a long A330 flight is Bangor which lacks the demand to support such a flight. Flights from Miami to Alaska are considerably shorter, except for a few distant airports in the Aleutian Islands which are unlikely to receive airline service from anywhere other than Alaska.

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