Featured Map for 2 September 2018:
Qantas Melbourne to San Francisco


Yesterday evening marked the arrival of Qantas' first non-stop flight from Melbourne to San Francisco. Qantas flight 49 (in honor of the 49ers gold miners) departs four days per week using a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The aircraft returns after a three-hour layover.

QF 49MEL9:40 pmSFO7:00 pm
QF 50SFO10:00 pmMEL6:30 am+2

(Melbourne departure/arrival times will be one hour later during times when Australia observes Daylight Saving Time.)

Today's Featured Map shows the routes Qantas operates to North America, including four non-stop destinations in the United States and Canada from three airports in Australia. In addition, New York is served via a tag from Los Angeles (without cabotage rights for domestic passengers), and Honolulu is served by Qantas subsidiary Jetstar.

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