Featured Map for 16 June 2018:
Triumph Globe Logo


Great circles normally conjure images of long trips, by airplane or by ship, not cars and certainly not British cars, whose movement is all-too-often limited to leaking fluids and parts falling off. (Mine is sitting in the shop at this very moment after limping there yesterday.)

Admiring a friend's recently restored 1949 Triumph 2000, one item of note was the good condition of the grille badge, Triumph's globe design. That led to a conversation about how it doesn't show the whole world (it's a stylized oblique orthographic projection, which shows half of the globe), then speculation on exactly what it showed. The design is split into eight segments from east to west, hence meridians at 22.5 steps. No rule says a map must be centered on an integer multiple of grid steps from 0N 0E but assuming a center at xN 3xE where x=22.5 produces a pretty good match. This center is roughly 800 km northwest of Pune, India, far from Triumph's factory in Coventry, England.

Today's Featured Map shows the map which is approximated by Triumph's stylized globe logo.

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