Featured Map for 13 June 2018:
Singapore Summit and Home


After their historic summit in Singapore, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un returned home to their respective capital cities. Trump returned to the United States aboard one of two VC-25A aircraft (29000, the newer of the two), riding the winds eastward with a technical stop at Andersen AFB in Guam and another at Hickam AFB in Honolulu before continuing on to Joint Base Andrews near Washington in Maryland. (Even without tailwinds the stop in Guam doesn't seem to have been necessary as a VC-25A should be able to easily fly non-stop from Singapore to Hawaii.)

Kim returned to Pyongyang, most likely aboard the same Air China Boeing 747-400 aboard which he flew to the summit, operated as flight CA 62.

Today's Featured Map illustrates the route of Trump's flight to and from the summit in blue, and of Kim's flight in red. With a 2016 operating cost of $206,337 per hour for Air Force One (presumably one of the 747-based VC-25A aircraft), Trump's round-the-world ticket was rather more expensive than from one of the major airlines, but then a VC-25A is a rather special Queen of the Skies.

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