Featured Map for 11 June 2018:
Air Force One to Singapore


Donald Trump's trip from Canada, where the Group of Seven (G7) summit was held in La Malbaie, to Singapore, where he will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, included a technical stop on the Greek island Crete since the flight exceeded the 7,800-mile range of the presidential airplane. The VC-25A (one of two heavily modified Boeing 747-200B aircraft which serve as Air Force One on longer presidential trips) includes in-flight refueling capabilities but this feature is rarely if ever used when the President is aboard.

Singapore Airlines' Newark-Singapore non-stop, which will restart in October after a five year hiatus, is at least 538 miles (866 km) longer. Singapore will use the Airbus A350-900ULR for this service.

Today's Featured Map depicts the trip from CFB Bagotville, with the stop at Chania Intl on Crete, to Paya Lebar AB in Singapore. The actual routing was not published but was probably more southerly, due both to winds and to avoid hostile airspace in the Middle East.

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