Featured Map for 25 April 2018:
The Eskimo and The Virgin Consummate Their Marriage


Just over two years ago, Alaska Airlines bested JetBlue Airways in a battle to acquire Virgin America. The final Virgin America flights departed last night and REDWOOD (Virgin America's call sign) will vanish when VX 1182 lands at Newark this morning, with all subsequent flights operating as Alaska Airlines flights. The last three Virgin America flights departed starting at 9:30 pm PDT:

VX 1182SFO9:30 pmEWR5:59 am (+1)N361VA "Jersey Girl" (A320-214)
VX 1948SFO9:32 pmLAX11:01 pmN922VA "Frances" (A321-253N)
VX 1947LAX9:35 pmSFO11:04 pmN363VA (A320-214)

Today's Featured Map shows the routes of the last three Virgin America flights, plus the 27 other destinations served by Virgin America up until their transtion into the Alaska Airlines network.

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