Featured Map for 28 March 2018:
Air New Zealand to Chicago O'Hare


Yesterday, Air New Zealand announced plans to launch non-stop service from Auckland to Chicago O'Hare, home and largest hub for Star Alliance partner United Airlines. The new service will start 30 November 2018 with three weekly departures (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). It will use Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and will be the longest flight from O'Hare. Northbound flights will depart Auckland at 8:10 pm arrive in Chicago late afternoon the same day. Southbound flights will depart Chicago the same three days, also at 8:10 pm during the northern summer but one hour earlier during the northern winter, arriving in New Zealand at 6:30 am two days later. At O'Hare, the flights will use Terminal 5 rather than departing from United's Terminal 1.

Today's Featured Map shows the geodesic (great circle) path for Air New Zealand's new flights. On long flights such as these the actual flight path can vary substantial due to winds and other facts. United's route between San Francisco and Sydney roughly parallels the new route and thus provides a rough approximation of the paths the new flights will fly. The geodesic path for SFO-SYD is shown in blue, with southbound flight plans for Sunday and Monday departures in green and and northbound flight plans for the same two days in red—in each direction the flight plans track the geodesic path somewhat to the right. (Qantas also flies this route with a Boeing 747-400. United currently uses a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the same type that Air New Zealand will fly to Chicago, though for this route the aircraft type does not appear to have a significant influence on the flight path.)

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