Featured Map for 27 March 2018:
RIP, Great Lakes Airlines


Great Lakes Airlines, based at Cheyenne, Wyoming and with roots tracing back nearly 41 years to 15 April 1977, ceased scheduled operations under its own code at midnight last night. Great Lakes will continue to support flights from its former Denver hub via Pierre, South Dakota to Watertown, South Dakota operated by Aerodynamics, Inc. (ADI) under the Great Lakes Jet Express name.

Great Lakes' fleet consists of 30 turbo-prop aircraft (of which about half have been in service since the start of the year), including 24 Beechcraft 1900D aicraft with up to 19 seats and six Embraer EMB-120 Brasilias with 30 seats.

Today's Featured Map shows Great Lakes' final schedule in blue, plus the Great Lakes Jet Express flying by ADI in red.


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