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Throwback Thursday: American's BAC One-Eleven Routes


American Airlines BAC 1-11 American Airlines placed an initial order for 15 British Aircraft Corporation One-Elevens (BAC 1-11s) on 17 July 1963. Two subsequent orders in 1964 brought the total to 30, making American the largest buyer of new One-Elevens. An additional aircraft was leased from BAC for crew training before the type entered service with American on 6 March 1966. The BAC One-Eleven Series 400 aircraft were called Astrojet 400 by American and served for just under six years before being withdrawn on 17 January 1972. During their brief tenure they were concentrated on short-haul routes between New York City (primarily LaGuardia) and other major cities in New York, plus New England and Ohio, with scattered routes beyond those areas. With just 63 seats when delivered, and up to 74 seats in later configurations, they would be large regional jets today, but were Flagship aircraft in their heyday.

Today's Featured Map shows American's One-Eleven routes as of the 30 March 1969 system schedule, at the middle of their careers. A single, daily flight to Dallas from Louisville (AA's longest One-Eleven flight at that time) is cropped in order to focus on the core of the network; the aircraft returned east via Memphis after an 86-minute turn. American also flew the One-Eleven to Toronto from New York but not during the time covered by this schedule.

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