Featured Map for 18 March 2018:
Ethiopian's Non-Hub 787 Dreamliner Routes


Ethiopian Airlines was the third airline to take delivery of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, after All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL), and today operates 21 Dreamliners including 19 examples of the 787-8 and two of the larger 787-9s. Most of Ethiopian's 787 routes serve their hub at Addis Ababa but the airline also uses the 787 on a substantial number of non-hub routes. Many are relatively short tags but there are also four long, trans-Atlantic routes to North America. Three of these longer routes are via a tech stop in Dublin; except for Los Angeles the returns don't stop. The other is to Star Alliance-hub Newark from Lomé, home for ASKY Airlines, a young, Togolese airline in which Ethiopian holds a 40% interest.

Today's Featured Map illustrates Ethiopian's non-hub Dreamliner routes, with the 787-8 in green and 787-9 in red. For background, routes to/from Addis Ababa are shown in grey (sans labels except for Paris and Kilimanjaro, highlighted since they now use the 787-9).

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