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A friend is flying from Chicago to London tonight on United (UA) 938. Scheduled with a Boeing 767-322ER, the equipment was switched to a Boeing 777-222ER (N220UA) the day before the flight. United's 777s are interesting for the variety of missions they fly, from long trans-Pacific flights to domestic trips to relatively short hops over the Atlantic.

United has four distinct sub-fleets of 777:

Today's Featured Map shows the travels of N220UA over the past three months, covering 105 flights and 490,910 miles (790,042 km) for an average flight distance of 4,676 miles (7,525 km). The shortest flight was Xiamen to Hong Kong, after over a month at Xiamen so likely returning to service after heavy maintenance. The next flight was the longest, Hong Kong to Chicago. That was the aircraft's only visit to Hong Kong during the past three months but nearly one third of the flights touched London Heathrow. Yesterday's flying started with a rare trip through ex-Continental hub Houston (from Buenos Aires; Argentina was coincidentally the focus of yesterday's Featued Map) and then a short hop to Chicago where an anti-ice valve on the #2 engine was replaced before the trip to London.

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