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Flybondi is Argentina's first low-cost airline. The airline commenced operations three weeks ago today, on 26 January 2018, with a single, leased Boeing 737-800 (LV-HKS) flying a single round-trip from the airline's initial base at Córdoba to Iguazú, a route which will be served twice weekly. The next day saw the start of service from Córdoba to Bariloche, also a twice-weekly route. Sunday was a day off, then Monday initiated service from Córdoba to Mendoza, which will initially be flown 5x weekly (skipping Wednesday and Friday), followed by another round-trip to Iguazú. Several additional routes from Mendoza quickly followed.

Last Friday (9 February 2018), Flybondi added El Palomar to is network, again from Córdoba. El Palomar is a former military-only airport that will serve Buenos Aires. It is located about 25 km north of Ezeiza, Argentina's main airport, and 19 km west of Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, an airport near downtown Buenos Aires which serves domestic routes. El Palomar has seen commercial service in the past but only as a backup for Newbery. Over the next few months, El Palomar will become the core of Flybondi's operatons with the addition of ten more routes.

Two support this growth, Flybondi just received a second 737-800 (LV-HFR). This aircraft spent yesterday at Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and finished its delivery flight this morning. Another eight 737-800 aircraft of various ancestry are planned.

Today's Featured Map shows Flybondi's current routes in the airline's bright yellow color, with the planned, new routes in grey. The map also includes two hidden airports, drawn with no markers purely to make sure the map includes all of Argentina: La Quiaca and Ushuaia, the Argenine airports which are farthest north and south, respectively.

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