Featured Map for 16 January 2018:
Alaska Airlines from Paine Field


Alaska Airlines just announced the eight destinations planned for 13 daily departues when it commences services from Paine Field (Snohomish County Airport) in Everett, just north of Seattle, late this year. Paine Field is already host to many widebody departures since every Boeing 747, 767, and 777 was assembled there, along with many 787 Dreamliners, but airline service is another matter.

Alaska's new service will initially be operated by Horizon Air using 76-seat Embraer 175 jets built in São José dos Campos, Brazil. Alaska Airlines started laying the foundations for air service from Paine Field five years ago, then announced the start of service in 2018 last May. United Airlines followed three months later, announcing an intent to start service to hubs at Denver and San Francisco in autumn 2018.

Today's Featured Map shows Alaska's new routes from Paine Field.

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