Featured Map for 28 December 2017:
Amazon Prime Air's Christmas Rush


Amazon Prime Air is a planned system to deliver packages to customers using unmanned aerial vehicls (UAVs) or drones, but currently it uses a fleet of 21 Boeing 767-300ER freighters to carry packages between distribution centers. These 767s, converted from former passenger aircraft, are owned by Amazon but operated by Air Transport International (ATI; eight aircraft) and Atlas Air (13 aircraft).

Based at Cincinnati International Airport, these aircraft fly between 18 airports in the contiguous United States, including many major airports but also a few less-familiar airports that provide uncongested access to major metropolitan areas, including Allentown (in eastern Pennsylvania, just west of New York City and an hour north of Philadelphia), Rockford (northwest of Chicago), and Stockton (near the San Francisco Bay Area). One airport is completely off the frequent-flier map, unless you're a pilot: San Antonio's Kelly Field, co-located with Lackland AFB and not currently certified for commercial passenger service.

Needless to say, these 21 aircraft were quite busy during the seven days prior to Christmas. On Christmas Day they and their crews took a well-earned day off.

Today's Featured Map shows where they flew during the week leading up Christmas. Blue indicates routes operated by ATI; gold those operated by Atlas Air. Usually only one of the operators flies a given route, with rare exceptions.

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