Featured Map for 11 September 2017:
Hurricane Irma Closes Florida


Last night, the airspace over Florida was devoid of aircraft for the first time since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon exactly 16 years ago, this time due to Hurricane Irma. Florida's busiest airports, Miami and Orlando International Airports, closed to most operations Saturday evening. Many other Florida airports have closed as well though some remain open at least for limited operations.

Today's Featured Map shows the track of Hurricane Irma up through 5:00 am EDT plus the status of the 26 Florida airports certified for scheduled air-carrier operations with large aircraft (Part 139 Class I airports). Eight airports are open (green). Another eight are closed except for emergency, military, relief, or other special operations (orange), and ten are closed to all operations (red) with two (Key West and Naples) not expected to reopen until Friday.

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