Featured Map for 26 July 2017:
Rare Birds: Airbus A318


The Airbus A318 is the smallest member of the A320 family. The A318 competed directly with the Boeing 737-600, the smallest Next-Generation 737 and the subject of a Featured Map several months ago. Neither model sold well although the A318 did manage to rack up 81 sales, 12 more than the 737-600.

Launched by Frontier Airlines and Air France, the A318 entered service in July 2003 with Frontier as the initial operator. Frontier acquired 11 examples but has retired all of them. A total of 61 A318s were built for airlines; another 20 A318-112(CJ) Elite models were built as corporate jets.

Today's Featured Map shows where one can find the remaining A318s in airline service, anti-clockwise starting from eastern Europe:

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