Featured Map for 20 June 2017:
Phoenix: Too Hot to Fly


Hot temperatures Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are common, but flight cancellations because of excessive heat are unusual. American Airlines has cancelled 43 flighs today due to forecast afternoon temperatures in Phoenix, 22 departures to 17 destinations and 21 arrivals from 16 origins. In addition, seven flights between Phoenix and Tucson were cancelled yesterday.

All 50 cancelled flights were American Eagle flights planned to operate with Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which are not certified to operate above approximately 118F. More precisely, the CRJ's maximum temperature for takeoff and landing is ISA + 35C. ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) refers to an atmospheric model, published as ISO 2533:1975 and adopted by ICAO as Document 7488/3, which adjusts for altitude and other factors. For PHX, with a field elevation of 346 m AMSL, the CRJ's limit works out to 47.75C or 117.95F.

Today's Featured Map shows the 15 routes with cancelled flights in both directions (red), plus one-directional cancellations from San Antonio (dark blue) and to Albuquerque and Austin (light blue).

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