Featured Map for 13 May 2017:
U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017


Last night, U2 (the Irish rock band, not Lockheed's U-2 "Dragon Lady" spy plane) opened their "The Joshua Tree Tour 2017" at Vancouver's BC Place. The concert tour includes 18 locations in North America before moving on in July to eight European locations.

Today's Featured Map depicts the route of the North American portion of U2's tour. (Click on the map and zoom out to see the whole tour including the European portion.) In most cases, the largest airport in the concert's host city has been used, but in a few cases an alternate serves to get the right city name, e.g., the third venue is in Santa Clara, California, but U2 almost certanly flew into San Josť or San Francisco rather than Santa Clara Towers Heliport. This "trick" can be a useful tool when locations meaningful to the viewer are more important than absolute precision.

(Personal note: Much as I'd like to see U2 live on Wednesday, the tickets are rather dear, so instead I'll settle for the talented U2 tribute band Zoo Station at the Silicon Valley Irish Fleadh in Mountain View this weekend.)

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