Featured Map for 8 May 2017:
Austrian Airlines Long-Haul


Four weeks ago, on 10 April 2017, Austrian Airlines began 6x-weekly flights (except Sunday) from their Vienna hub to Los Angeles. This summer-only route uses Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

Austrian operates a long-haul fleet consisting of five Boeing 777-200ER and six Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. (A sixth 777 was recently delivered but has not yet entered service.) "Long-haul" is a bit of a misnomer because Austrian also uses these large aircraft on short flights incuding 777 service to Frankfurt (336 nm) and 767 service to Dubrovnik (340 nm), though the remaining routes make effective use of the range of these aircraft with seven routes to North America and four to Asia.

Today's Featured Map shows Austrian Airlines' routes with these long-haul aircraft. Boeing 777 routes are displayed in red while Boeing 767 routes use light grey. Thanks to Bryan M. for the suggestion!

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