Featured Map for 20 January 2017:
Air Inter 148 Near Mont Sainte-Odile 25 Years Ago


While many people are focused on today's events in Washington, those with a passion for aviation may be more captivated by events that happened 25 years ago today. On a routine flight from Lyon Satolas Airport (now known as Lyon St-Exupéry Airport) to Strasbourg, Aer Inter flight 148 crashed in he Vosges Mountains near Mont Sainte-Odile. It was the third fatal crash of the Airbus A320, killing 87 of the 96 souls aboard (5 of 6 crew and 82 of 90 passengers).

Exactly two years later, the first A340 loss occurred at Paris. Fortunately, there were no fatalities as the aircraft had just completed maintenance and nobody was aboard. The accident began when an elctrically powered pump powering the yellow hydraulic system overheated and trigged a fire which destroyed the aircraft. Remarkably, and happily, although the A340 has suffered five hull losses none have resulted in fatalities.

Today's Featured Map depicts the path of Aer Inter flight 148 and also marks where A340 F-GNIA was lost.

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