Featured Map for 28 October 2016:
UPS Orders the 747-8F


Yesterday, UPS and Boeing announced an order by UPS for 14 Boeing 747-8 Freighters, to be delivered between 2017 and 2020, with an option for another 14 of the aircraft. This order will help Boeing maintain the production line for the venerable 747. Earlier this year, Boeing announced that the 747 production rate would drop to just six aircraft per year from September 2016.

Today's Featured Map illustrates where UPS flies their current fleet of 13 Boeing 747s, all -400 models including 11 built as freighters plus two BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) models which were originally built as combis for EVA Airways. Routes drawn in brown are flown at least 5x weekly; thinner, gold lines represent routes flown less frequently. UPS is based at Louisville (Standiford Field) but over 80% of their 747 flights touch Anchorage.

An interesting detail not seen in this map is that, unlike most passenger operations, much of this flying is asymmetric. For example, Honolulu is only served westbound using the 747; UPS flies from Honolulu to the mainland US (via Ontario, California) but does so with the smaller MD-11F.

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