Featured Map for 13 October 2016:
Emirates to Fort Lauderdale


On Tuesday, Emirates Airlines announced that Fort Lauderdale would be their 11th destination in the United States (and 12th in North America) with flights starting 15 December 2016 from their hub at Dubai using the Boeing 777-200LR. Fort Lauderdale is a focus city for Emirates' partner JetBlue.

Today's Featured Map shows the new route along with the existing routes to North America. Six routes, shown in lighter blue, are operated with the Boeing 777-300ER. The remaining five routes, in dark blue, are served with the Airbus A380. New York (JFK) is served with three daily flights while Los Angeles has one flight using the A380 and anonger using the 777-300ER. San Francisco and Washington (Dulles) are served with a single, daily, A380 flight. Toronto is served thrice weekly with the A380 and is the only North American route where Emirates has competition, from Air Canada with the Boeing 787-9.

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