Featured Map for 26 September 2016:
The White Hub


Cranky Flier posted some musings today about JetBlue's interest in Europe. To start, he wanted to illustrate how JetBlue's Boston hub is lopsided, but wanted just the network without the clutter of geographic details. The Great Circle Mapper happens to have a plain, white map for debugging that was perfect for the job.

Today's Featured Map shows Cranky's map of JetBlue's lopsided Boston network. Cranky's post goes on to show how that would change if JetBlue converted some of their existing A321neo orders into orders for the A321LR, which they have the flexibility to do beginning in 2019. The A321LR's range of up to 4,000 nautical miles would allow JetBlue to fly between Boston and the heart of Europe. The map is interesting and shows a more balanced hub but read Cranky's post for the full story.

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