Featured Map for 24 September 2016:
A320neo Flying in India


India is the place to be if you want to fly the A320neo! Last month, two Featured Maps illustrated the initial A320neo routes of Lufthansa and Pegasus Airlines, with a promise of showing the flying of the other two early A320neo operators, both based in India.

Today's Featured Map finally returns to the A320neo, showing the current A320neo flying of the two Indian airlines flying the A320neo. Delhi-based IndiGo (blue) has nearly half of the A320neo aircraft in service and thus has the more complex A320neo network. Smaller GoAir (magenta) has just two A320neo aircraft in service, based at their hub at Mumbai, with A320neo flying including a circle routing via Leh and Srinagar. Both airlines fly the A320neo between their respective hubs at Delhi and Mumbai but otherwise their A320neo flying doesn't overlap.

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